5 Digital Wellbeing Apps Every Modern Parent Should Know

December 1, 2022

Modern Parenting 101: 5 Apps That You Have to Try

Many parents are struggling to connect with their kids in this social media age. A lack of healthy communication has left a lot of parents feeling unable to influence their children towards the good. 

If you are a parent who can relate to the above statement, this article is for you. It contains a list of all the apps that you must check out and try to ensure your child’s digital health. 

Each of them comes with different features at different price points. You will find one or more that cater to your specific needs within your budget. One or a combination of a few of these apps can ensure 360-degree protection for your family.  




Phone monitoring apps have been getting quite a lot of attention these days. And for good reason. Because few other solutions can provide concerned parents the knowledge and control that they look for. 

Phone monitoring, or parental control, apps can let you have greater visibility and control over your children’s lives. 

There are a great many options out there but Xnspy is among the best in its class. It has won over consumers and won several awards from publications like Engadget and Entrepreneur along the way. 


Before we delve into its monitoring features, we would like to stress its remote device management capabilities. Because the ability to monitor is nothing without the ability to take decisive actions. 

That is where Xnspy really packs a solid punch. It not only lets you monitor your child’s online activity but also takes preventative steps across both Android and iOS devices. For instance, you can take screenshots of their activities, record their calls, block access to apps/sites, and wipe out harmful/violent content. 

In terms of monitoring features, you will find everything you need to gain full knowledge of your child’s digital footprint. For example, you can monitor social media, content consumption, communications, calendars, to-do lists, etc. 

You can also have knowledge of their offline activities from their location data, events calendar, and communications too. 

Furthermore, you can set up a geofence, which basically means that some areas are green/permissible zones while others are red/no-go zones. 

But the best thing about this app is that it is completely automated. There is no need to constantly log in and check your child’s latest activities. The app sends you alerts 24×7 based on the parameters that you have established. 

For example, you will be notified every time your child visits a no-go area, searches for a restricted keyword, or tries to visit a prohibited site. 

That means that this app takes away the burden of constantly monitoring your child. This leads to better trust as you are not monitoring their every step. This also reduces your level of anxiety because you do not have to check the app every 2 minutes. 

Xnspy plans start at $4.99 per month which can come down even further during promotional discount campaigns. In short, given its features and capabilities, it is a steal that can be a game-changer for your family. 




Net Nanny


This is also a parental control app but its focus is a little different. It is focused more on safe browsing habits. 

Why choose this over other parental control apps? The simple reason is it is the most balanced. Because, in addition to recognizing the necessity for surveillance, you might also be concerned for their privacy. 

So, this app is dedicated to blocking your child’s access to harmful, violent, or otherwise inappropriate content. This doesn’t breach their privacy as it’s not a total surveillance app. 

Furthermore, Net Nanny uses the most advanced Artificial Intelligence technology to make things as simple as they can be. This technology detects inappropriate content and blocks it before it reaches your child. 

That can be a huge help because you may not know about all the harmful sites or apps in the world. On top of that, new platforms are being introduced every day. And, if that were not enough, inappropriate content can always reach your child through mainstream social media like YouTube, TikTok, etc. 

But Net Nanny’s AI-powered technology relieves you from the need to be constantly on edge. It will make sure that your child is not consuming things they should not at all times. 


Net Nanny is the best content filtering solution. All their features revolve around this central theme. 

You can monitor your child’s content consumption across multiple devices. The software is compatible with a wide range of operating systems. For example, you can install their app on Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Amazon devices, and also Chromebooks. 

The advanced algorithm analyses all your child’s activities, especially content associated with pornography, suicide, drugs, and weapons. It automatically blocks such content and notifies you regarding suspicious activities. 

Not to mention, you get all the standard features available in other phone monitoring apps. You can monitor your child’s app usage, browsing history, communications, etc. You can use that data to limit their screen time and restrict certain apps too. 

There are several affordable price plans for this software. They start at $39.99 per year and go up to $89.99 per year. The brand has discount offers from time to time that can reduce your bill significantly. 


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Norton Family

Norton Logo

Norton Family is a parental control software inspired by a unique mission. It aims to foster transparency and healthy communication between parents and children. 

In keeping with that mission, the software allows you to make sure that your children do not become slaves to technology. Meaning, it enables you to integrate technology into a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

It prevents unhealthy usage and ensures that your children use technology for their personal advancement. For example, using the Norton software, you can encourage your children to use technology for creative and educational pursuits. While simultaneously reducing time spent on frivolous entertainment. 


The best Norton Family feature is the remote learning or home-schooling feature. As you may be balancing your own work with that of your child’s education, this feature can prove invaluable to you. 

It lets you set school or study time during which your child’s online activity is restricted. This is done by allowing them to access only those apps/sites that are necessary for their education. All other sites/apps are blocked for the duration of the session. 

Moreover, the other standard parental control features are also present in the Norton Family software. For example, you can monitor and control your child’s movements, app usage, search history, content consumption, etc. 

The software also generates reports containing insights on your child’s online activities. Unsafe activities and excessive usage are described in tabular format. You can also expect regular updates and notifications. This can help you identify areas where improvements are needed. 

You can do so if your child uses Windows, Android, or iOS devices. MacBook, Chromebook, and Android devices from Huawei and Amazon are not compatible. 

Pricing for Norton Family starts at $49.99 per year. Moreover, unlike other such apps, Norton has a 30-day free trial period which you can use to experiment with the software. 

Moreover, you can bundle this service along with other Norton products. They have VPN, antivirus, and a host of other products. You can purchase packages that reduce the cost of individual products even further. 


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Qustodio logo

While phone monitoring apps are part of the parental control ecosystem, they do not encompass everything. That is where Qustodio comes in. 

Qustodio provides the most comprehensive 360-degree solution to maintaining your children’s digital wellbeing. 

Lauded by several noted publications for its array of features and interactive dashboard, this app is a must-have to ensure your child’s digital wellbeing. 


Qustodio comes packed with all the features that you may ever need. They include monitoring and controlling app usage and content consumption. That is, your child can only use those apps and sites that you consider safe for them. 

Moreover, they can only consume content that you consider appropriate for them. All others are blocked from them. 

That is just one example. Using Qustodio, you can monitor your child’s activities across all domains. For example, you can see their texts and calls, social media usage, YouTube viewing history, browsing history, etc. 

You can set limits to their usage based on any unusual or unacceptable patterns that you detect. This can be done through their online interactive dashboard that users and reviewers have found to be among the best. 

An important pillar of parental control is visibility regarding your children’s whereabouts. Qustodio does not disappoint on that count either. They have a real-time location tracking feature. This is combined with an SOS feature using which your child can send you emergency alerts. 

Most importantly, you do not necessarily have to log in to the Qustodio dashboard for updates. You can choose to receive reports of your child’s activities on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

As far as compatibility is concerned, most brands fail to match up to Qustodio. Their software is compatible with almost every operating system. This includes Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Android, iOS, iPad OS, Fire, and Kindle too. 

You can get the app for as little as $4.58 per month. Their plans start at $54.95 per year and go up to $137. 95 per year. This is quite affordable considering all the features that you get. 


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Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Logo

Kaspersky Safe Kids is the parental control software that aims to protect your kids in their online as well as offline environments. Their unique selling proposition lies in their service excellence. 

With years of experience securing computers and smartphones, the brand aims to extend the same level of security to your family. 


The features of Kaspersky Safe Kids are aimed at a three-pronged solution for your family. You can protect your children from unsuitable or detrimental content. You can also set usage limits per device per activity. Furthermore, you can track your child’s movements via GPS tracking. 

The location tracking facility lets you monitor your children’s whereabouts 24×7 on a map from your mobile device. You can also set acceptable boundaries for their movements. Once they venture out of the acceptable region, you get immediate notification. This is also known as geofencing.

Plus, you can limit each device to a limited number of hours. For example, during their remote learning sessions, you can restrict them from accessing devices not being used for studies. 

As far as apps and sites are concerned, you can choose to completely allow or block certain things. But you can also set some apps or sites as needing permission. 

For example, you do not want to completely stop them from playing games. You only want them to do it at specific times for specific durations. Your child can ask for permission through the app. Then you can enable such apps or sites on a case-by-case basis. 

The same principle applies to content consumption. Kaspersky monitors this quite extensively across platforms like YouTube and other media sites. You can block or restrict usage and the software also blocks certain things based on perceived harm. 

Finally, this is a no-frills, simple-to-use app with limited but effective features. And that is why it comes at a more affordable price tag. 

Pricing begins at $14.99 per year for one device. This pricing is for the first year only. If you like the software and extend your subscription beyond the first year, charges may increase. 

However, you can subscribe to this product as part of a Kaspersky package. The bundled package will cost you more overall but the individual subscription costs will be lower. 

The software is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices which is a great thing for such an affordably priced tool. 


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Final Thoughts 

As a parent concerned about your children’s digital wellbeing, you must use technology to solve the problems created by technology. There are solutions that cater to every need at every price point. You may not need all the products mentioned in this article but avoiding them completely is not an option either. 

Therefore, you should review all the apps discussed in this article and choose one or more based on the unique needs of your family. When the results start showing, you will consider it to be one of the best decisions you have ever made. 


Best Parental Control Apps

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Kaspersky Safe Kids
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  • Unique ability to block all screens at once for family time

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