Bark vs Qustodio: A Deep Dive

This article looks at Bark vs. Qustodio. It compares their prices, features, benefits, compatibility, ease of use, and customer service. Which of the two parental control tools will win this battle? Every parent wants to keep an eye on their kids always, and the most reassuring tool to use is a parental control app. Unfortunately, […]

How to Catch Cheating Text Messages and Read Deleted Messages

In this world of uncertainties, it is tough to maintain relationships. Managing your partner’s expectations is even more complex when loyalty comes into the picture. You never know when the people you love may turn their backs on you and betray you. In this guide, you will learn how to read your spouse’s deleted messages […]

Umobix vs Eyezy

Umobix vs. Eyezy: An Overview Worried about your loved ones and wish to track their locations? Debating between Umobix vs Eyezy? Install the monitoring software that best suits your preferences. Tracking software happens to be the personal favorite of most people nowadays. Starting from worried parents to stressed-out partners- all can be solved through online […]

Best Anti-Bullying Apps for 2022

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Best Anti-Bullying Apps for 2022 Bullying is still around, but nowadays, it’s moved online. Our society has made things more convenient for bullies as they can now bully on the internet. It’s called cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is nowadays a major concern relating to the safety of children around the world, as the internet has provided a […]

5 Digital Wellbeing Apps Every Modern Parent Should Know

Modern Parenting 101: 5 Apps That You Have to Try Many parents are struggling to connect with their kids in this social media age. A lack of healthy communication has left a lot of parents feeling unable to influence their children towards the good.  If you are a parent who can relate to the above […]

How to Protect and Maintain Your Child’s Digital Health

How Can I Monitor My Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing2

Concerned About Your Child’s Digital Health? Parental Control Apps Can Help! In addition to making the lives of parents and children better in most respects, easy access to technology has brought on a few challenges in its wake.  The gravest of them all is the fact that parents have lost control over their children’s lives.  […]

Is RAADR Reliable Enough to Protect Your Kids?

The cyberbullying situation is very frustrating, especially when you know that your kids are vulnerable and susceptible to being bullied online.  What can you do? Use RAADR– the anti-bullying software. But can it really protect your kid? Let’s explore RAADR and see whether it provides enough security to prevent your kid from getting bullied. RAADR: […]

How to Tell If Your Kid Is Being Cyberbullied

Bullying is a big issue and a hurdle in the development of our kids. Even after decades of social advancement, we still could not put a stop to bullying. Instead, bullying has now become easier thanks to the internet and smartphones. Now a new form of bullying, cyberbullying, has emerged. Cyberbullying is not to be […]

 The Best Free (and Free Trial) Spying Apps in 2022

Nothing is ever truly guaranteed in the world: when it comes to work, relationships and family, that stands to reason even more. That and our reliance on the internet for everything we need has led to both good and bad.  A few of those dangers include scamming, stalking, harassment, cyberbullying, etc. A naive person (or […]

How to Keep Your Kids Safe While Homeschooling 

Parents are now more than ever responsible for their children’s virtual and home-based education. Despite the many advantages of homeschooling, it can be difficult for parents and students to learn at home. In a home learning environment, it might be challenging to establish order and organization. This might cause pupils to become frustrated and even […]