Thicc- a Compliment or an Insult? 

illustration of an curvy exotic woman with a curvy waist

According to the slang dictionary, the literal meaning of “thicc” is curvaceous! The term is mostly used to call out people who have voluptuous figures. That is, people of both genders who have full-figured bodies that have big butts, fuller hips, and curvy waists are called thicc. It can be used both sexually and humorously. […]

The Ultimate Review on Fake Calculator Apps

Fake Calculator Apps

The curious minds of kids lead them to explore more and more on the internet. They become more tech-savvy and deal with new apps and technologies very often. Despite this being a part of growth, some parents become concerned about their kids’ safety.  As we all know how dangerous this online era can get, parents […]

YouTube Kids vs YouTube Review

YouTube Kids vs YouTube Review 2022 In the era of the internet, it has become very easy to have access to anything. As good as it sounds, it also exposes us to tons of unknown dangers and risks. This is more crucial when it comes to the kids. These kids have curious minds and are […]

Negative Effects of Social Media- a Boon or a Curse? 

a kid in their room contemplating in front of a computer

In the era of the internet, social media has become a common phenomenon among all people worldwide. Almost nothing is possible without the help of social media these days. But is it the entire truth? Many people are led towards destruction solely due to improper use of social media. The negative impact of social media […]

The Ultimate Guide to Twitch for Kids

a kid in their room contemplating in front of a computer

Twitch is a live streaming service that people use every day to interact, chat, and entertain. These entertainers on Twitch are known as streamers or broadcasters. If you are not clear about the concept, think of it like YouTube, but instead of any pre-recorded videos being uploaded, anything you post here is live. It is widely […]

Sneaky Link: The New TikTok Terminology Explained

TikTok seems to find something new to obsess over every week, if not every day. After all, the platform is filled with Gen Z, who will do everything in their power to keep themselves busy with mundane activities.  This latest new and rather worrying trend is #SneakyLink.  If you have used TikTok recently, you may […]

A Guide on How to See Deleted Secret Conversations on Facebook Messenger

Facebook has introduced a new feature on Messenger that allows users to hide their messages. The hidden messages will not show up on the popular texting app. If you want to monitor what your child has been up to recently and what sort of texts they have been hiding, good news! Deleted texts can be […]

How to Get iPhone and Android Text Message History

It is not difficult to access the history of your text messages on your mobile device. The first thing you should do is check the inbox & the outbox of the messaging app on your mobile phone. Your phone will preserve a record of all of the text messages until you manually delete them. The […]

Is it Safe for Children to Play Roblox?

Introduction Every youngster has a favorite video game, whether it’s Minecraft or Fortnite. If you’re looking for an online gaming community where you can interact with other players and create your own games, Roblox is a popular choice. The Internet game has engulfed the whole world. From kids to college, students are all fans of […]

 The Best Free (and Free Trial) Spying Apps in 2022

Nothing is ever truly guaranteed in the world: when it comes to work, relationships and family, that stands to reason even more. That and our reliance on the internet for everything we need has led to both good and bad.  A few of those dangers include scamming, stalking, harassment, cyberbullying, etc. A naive person (or […]