Best Anti-Bullying Apps for 2022

December 1, 2022
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Best Anti-Bullying Apps for 2022

Bullying is still around, but nowadays, it's moved online. Our society has made things more convenient for bullies as they can now bully on the internet. It's called cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying is nowadays a major concern relating to the safety of children around the world, as the internet has provided a platform for bullies to abuse. 

In this article, we have come up with some anti-bullying measures for both physical and cyberbullying.

Anti-bullying apps – these help users spot and alert nearby people about bullying. Using an anti-bully app is now one of the best ways for someone to stop getting bullied by getting the attention and help of others.

In this article, we will talk about the five best anti-bullying apps that you can use to help yourself and others from getting bullied.


The Best Anti-Bullying Apps

Bullying is not to be taken lightly, as it has a devastating and long-lasting effect on the victim’s life.  Unfortunately, most kids are scared to fight bullies. For them, these apps are a life saver.


Bully Button

Bully Button is great for real-time bully alerts. It is a very handy application. Users can mark/flag any bullying incident as it is happening. It is great for those that are scared to fight back bullies.

How does Bully Button work? It is a mobile app that is installed on your smartphone (available for both Android and iOS). The app has a built-in app for alerts and notifications. It is quite easy and fast to set up the app. The user will have to choose the contact that the app needs to alert. 

When you click on the Bully Button, it will send alert notifications about you getting bullied with your location and a short recording of the event. That way, the contacts will be alerted to the situation and can do something immediately to help you.

Bully Button cannot do anything regarding cyberbullying. But in the case of physical bullying, it works pretty well.  For best results in schools, we suggest you keep your parents and a school supervisor on the alert list. We highly suggest you give Bully Button a try.



If you are looking for an app to deal with cyberbullying, then you can try Famisafe. Famisafe is a full-fledged parental control app. This app will let you monitor and track activities on smartphones.

The concept behind this app is that the app will be installed on the smartphone of your child. Everything that your child does on the phone can be monitored from your phone, and you can also intervene in their activity with filters and firewalls. Moreover, this app can allow you to track your child’s location with your smartphone’s GPS.

What if your child uninstalls the app? They can’t. Once you have installed it onto your child’s phone and set the phone as the targeted phone, the app will be blocked from that device’s app store, and it will also become hidden.

What is more interesting is that you can use Famisafe to restrict the user's time spent on the phone. You can  limit internet usage and completely lock the screen. These features provide great control in parental control apps.



ReThink is a very popular anti-cyberbullying app. The story behind this app’s development gives it more meaning. The developer of this app is a teenage girl. She developed the app after reading an article on cyberbullying.

What sets ReThink apart is its working procedure. This app works from the bully’s side. When someone is sending a message online, the app will flag words in the sender’s message that will appear negatively. This will allow the sender to reconsider his/her wording. This will stop unintentional cyberbullying.

ReThink is a completely different take on the concept of the anti-cyberbullying app. While it may not actively stop cyber-bullying, it can work as a great learning tool for those who want to stop their abusive behaviors.



If you are looking for a community built upon anti-bullying beliefs, then KnowBullying is your best choice. KnowBullying is dependent on a communication-based approach between young and old. It will build a strong network of young people and parents, teachers, and authorities to stop bullying. 

The app was developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to teach parents, teachers, and young people about bullying.

Having such a big community standing against bullies will make things easy. It will become easy to spot bully behaviors, and reports issued for bullying will be carried out quickly as well.


Bully Block

Bully Block mostly works as an evidence collector for bullying. So, basically, this is evidence-collecting software.

With this app, Users can directly record moments of harassment. Now you may ask, why not use the phone camera to do that? Yes, you can do that, but Bully Block has some other useful features.

Besides recording evidence, this software can also block web pages to act as a firewall. This will save you from abusive bully language. 



These are the five best anti-bully software/ apps that you can use on your and your child’s smartphone. Bullying should never be taken lightly. Almost every child is not open and willing to talk about bullying with their parents. 

They are insecure and secretive about such events. But these apps that we have mentioned can make a difference in understanding what's going on with your child. Thus you will be able to save them from bullying.

It’s important to remember not to be too dependent on these apps. Parents should always go the extra mile and keep an eye on their children. 

If you're looking for more information, the government has some excellent resources that you can use.

If you are a concerned parent that wants to be on top of your Childs wellbeing, you may want to also check out our reviews on the best parental control apps and software.

If you prefer to be discreet and undetectable by your kids, you can check out these free phone spying apps.

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