Best Free Trial Parental Control Software for Windows

September 1, 2022
Best Free Trial Parental Control Software for Windows

Microsoft Windows holds the highest share in the global operating system market for personal computers. From desktops to laptops, it is used in various devices, including those used by children. For your peace of mind, this article lists down our top picks for the best free trial parental control app for Windows. We’ll focus on those with a free trial or free version, perfect for people on a budget.

If you want to monitor your kids' PC's or laptops and manage screen time, then a parental control app will help. It has tons of powerful features, including setting time limits, monitoring online searches, restricting age-inappropriate websites, and blocking games, among other things. The right parental control software will help promote online safety and responsible behavior. Read on and we’ll talk about some of the best options to consider.

Benefits of Free Trial Parental Control Software for Windows

The mere fact that it is free is already a compelling reason to try a parental control app. Having a free trial means that you can try it for several days and access its full features. This will give you enough time to decide if you should continue with a paid subscription or you should look for other alternatives.

More so, parental control software allows convenient online monitoring. You cannot be next to your child all the time. It is good that there is an app to restrict access to websites or contents that are not kid-appropriate, such as those with themes related to pornography, violence, and drugs.

Preventing digital addiction is another reason to use free trial parental control software. This will limit the time kids spend on their computers, especially during school days. It forces them to sleep early, study, and do other more important things than just stay glued on the screen.

With parental control software, you are protecting kids from online predators. It will limit their interactions with strangers, minimizing the chances that they will be victims of cyberbullying, sexual harassment, and identity theft, among other things that can happen when they are online and unsupervised.

Our Top Picks for the Best Free Parental Control Software for Windows

Clueless about what to choose? Here is a quick rundown of the most promising options for people on a budget.


With a bold claim as the internet’s best free parental control app, Qustodio is one of our favorites. It has long been a reputable name, trusted by many digital parents. You can easily keep children away from cyber threats and enjoy a wide array of premium features, such as YouTube monitoring, porn blocking, and checking social media activities. You can also set limits for games and apps, making sure that kids will not be glued on their computers throughout the day. Your subscription also includes priority support and extended reporting.

If you are a new user, then you can take advantage of Qustodio’s three-day free trial. This will allow you to access all premium features. You can create an account directly on their website. If you are happy with what you experienced during the free trial, here is a selection of their paid plans:

  • Small Plan: $4.58/month or $54.95/year for five devices
  • Medium Plan: $8.08/month or $96.95/year for ten devices
  • Large Plan: $11.50/month or $137.95/year for 15 devices

Qustodio is available for all desktops and laptops with Windows 7 or higher.


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Norton Family

Being made by one of the most trusted names in the global market for cybersecurity, we are confident in recommending Norton Family even to the most discerning parents. It is a must for promoting healthy, safe, and responsible online behaviors.

Norton Family offers a 30-day free trial, which should be more than enough for you to try its features and decide if it is good for your needs or if you should look for other alternatives. If you want to continue with a paid plan, it costs $49.99 per year.

With a Norton Family subscription, you can enjoy a wide array of features to monitor kids computer. For instance, it allows web supervision so that you can block age-inappropriate websites. You can also foster healthy online habits by setting a time limit for online activities. Plus, you can manage their search terms and instantly lock computers remotely. Another good thing is that it provides a comprehensive monthly or weekly report to monitor child better.

Norton Family is available on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

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For round-the-clock monitoring of your kid’s online activities, it is hard to go wrong with Mobicip. It has advanced internet filtering to guarantee safe browsing. It scans websites in real-time and decides if kids can access content or not. You can also limit screen time to prevent addiction. This means that they will easily find time for more important things, such as studying. You can also block games, apps, and social media to avoid distractions.

Try Mobicip today and enjoy its seven-day free trial. Once your trial expires, choose one from their paid plans, all of which will provide access to premium features. All of these plans also come with a 30-day money-back guarantee for your peace of mind.

  • Small: $3.99 per month, billed annually (protects five devices)
  • Medium: $4.99 per month, billed annually (protects ten devices)
  • X-Large: $9.99 per month, billed annually (protects 20 devices)

Mobicip is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10.

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McAfee Safe Family

If you are familiar with computer security systems, such as antivirus software, then you will know that McAfee is a trusted company. Their parental control software, McAfee Safe Family, has a plethora of impressive features. Through the parent portal, you can see at a glance what kids have been doing online, including the apps they are using and their web activity. You can also set rules, including time limits. You can limit their screen time, which can be set differently depending on the day. For flexibility, the user can make a request, such as when extending screen time.

There is a 30-day free trial. They are offering two plans, both of which will provide access to the software’s notable features.

  • Monthly: $7.99
  • Yearly: $49.99

McAfee Safe Family is available on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

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Kaspersky Safe Kids

This is another product from a company popular for their cybersecurity products, so we are confident in including this in our recommendations. One of the things that you can do with this software is to manage screen time, making sure that children do not spend most of their day on the computer. The app also allows parents to block bad YouTube requests to limit access to age-inappropriate content.

You can enjoy a 7-day free trial, which is your opportunity to explore the software’s notable features. Should you decide to continue with a paid subscription, the introductory price is $13.49 for one year for one user. This is one of the cheapest options you will ever find. There is also a free version available, but it comes with limited features.

Kaspersky Safe Kids is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

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Safe Lagoon

This may not be as popular as the options mentioned above, but this is another product worth considering. You can set screen time limits and schedules, making sure that kids have time for other things. It also has web filtering and monitoring. You will know the websites being visited by kids and filter age-inappropriate content.

If you are on a budget, then consider yourself lucky since it comes with a free version but with limited functions. However, there is no free trial. If you want to enjoy the full functionalities of this app, then you can choose from two paid subscriptions:

  • Premium: $6 per month billed monthly, $5.21 per month billed annually
  • Big Family: $9.95 per month billed monthly, $7.46 per month billed annually

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To see what my child is doing on the computer, a parental control app is a must-have. From limiting screen time to sending real-time alerts about website visits, parental controls are designed for promoting digital well-being. Consider the best free trial parental control software for Windows mentioned above and it is hard to go wrong! They are from some of the most trusted brands in the market! The best thing is that you have the option to try them out first before opting to switch into a paid subscription.


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