blog_imgAugust 15, 2020
Qustodio VS. MSpy feature comparison

In this article we will review and compare the leading features of Qustodio VS. MSpy to help you decide which parental control solution…

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blog_imgJuly 26, 2020
How does MSpy work?

Exclusive Interview with Rachel Burnham MSpy's CMO In this article we have an exclusive interview with Rachel Burhham, MSpy's CMO who will share…

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blog_imgJuly 24, 2020
How to put Parental Controls on Tik Tok

Research made by Qustodio, on of the leading parental control apps, found that kids spend over 80 min every day on TikTok. This…

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blog_imgJuly 16, 2020
Parental Control on PC

In this tech-era even the little kids know how to operate a PC, play games and watch movies. Thanks to the guardians, the…

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blog_imgJuly 9, 2020
Parental Controls App Comparison

With so many parental control apps and software out there, we wanted to take a closer look and make the most comprehensive parental…

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blog_imgJune 17, 2020
9 Tips for Parental Control

Almost every day, parents are asking me how they can deal with the excessive use of screens, and just how much time is…

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blog_imgJune 11, 2020
How to set Amazon Prime parental controls?

We at Parental Control Now advise parents to monitor all their kids devices and in the article below we recommend parents set Amazon…

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blog_imgJune 8, 2020
How to set Xbox parental controls?

Xbox is one of the most popular gaming and entertaining systems in the world today. Kids spend hours playing various games, some can…

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blog_imgApril 19, 2020
4 Tips for Efficient Screen Time During Social Distancing

Families are now required to distance themselves from their close once and to stay at home. Schools and day cares are off as…

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blog_imgApril 17, 2020
Should parents limit screen time during covid 19?

Parents are facing a difficult period, especially now with all the family stuck at home together. Kids are searching for things to do…

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blog_imgApril 9, 2020
How to Block Porn on Any Device

Exposure to porn in early age has many negative effects on kids, however in our age every smart phone can access any site…

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blog_imgApril 3, 2020
Can You Put Parental Controls on a Phone?

A smartphone is a necessity and not a luxury these days, especially now with Covid 19 virus around us. We spend more and…

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