How to Get iPhone and Android Text Message History

September 1, 2022
It is not difficult to access the history of your text messages on your mobile device. The first thing you should do is check the inbox & the outbox of the messaging app on your mobile phone. Your phone will preserve a record of all of the text messages until you manually delete them. The problem arises when you accidentally delete an important message or when you need to retrieve a deleted message for legal purposes. Then what should one do? A multitude of options are available to you should the need ever arise. You'll learn about a variety of techniques for retrieving text message history on your iPhone/ Android in this article. You may evaluate them to determine the one that works for you.  

3 Ways To Get Text Message History From iPhone and Android

Requesting the text message history from the relevant service provider is probably one of the most popular and widely used approaches to getting records of text messages. However, they do not save any material associated with text messages in any way. All the information they have is the date, the time the message was sent, and the sender's phone number. You'll have to get a court order if you want actual content in the messages. The other two ways are to get text message records using third-party apps and software or using third-party technicians' help to view text messages sent and received on iPhone or Android.  

Get Text Records From The Service Provider

Waiting a minimum of 2 weeks is required whenever you make an attempt to acquire the text message history from the service provider. In addition, the approach is difficult to utilize since you must go through several hoops before you can even obtain your text messages. In reply to your request for the records of text messages, your service provider will give you a document that must be completed, signed, and notarized within two weeks. Once they get your form, it will take them between seven and ten days to deliver you the communication history for the past three months. However, the content of the message, which may contain attachments like pictures, audio, or videos, may only be retrieved via other techniques.  

Different service provider

Depending on the cell service provider, users may access their text message history using a variety of different interfaces. To get a hold of the history of the actual communications that were sent, you will require a court order, which both providers have in common.  


Sprint has said that they do not store records/ history of data pertaining to text messages because of the potential risks to customers' privacy that are associated with preserving such information. You will need to complete the permission form and send it to Sprint to get the data regarding the text messages sent from the phone. Before you can submit it, it has to be notarized first; only the most recent ninety days' worth of textual information from Sprint may be downloaded. In the event that you require the messages for an action that is either civil/ criminal in nature, you should urge your attorney to issue a subpoena to Sprint in order to receive the data. If you activate it on “MySprint,” phones that have Sprint Direct Connect seem to be able to keep and preserve a history of the texting message that has been sent and received over the service. After logging into the account, go to “My Preferences,” select the “Deleting Messages” tab, and then check the box labeled “Do Not Delete Messages After I Receive Them on my Phone.”  


In order to get information regarding the content of messages that were sent using theVerizon network, a legal expert — often a judge/ lawyer — is required to make an application to Verizon's Law Enforcement Resource Team. An order from the court, a subpoena, or a warrant may be used to make requests. In addition, members of the law enforcement community have the ability to submit urgent data requests. Send an SMS to #DATA, which will provide details about the monthly usage. You may also log in to your My Verizon account to view your usage details.  


AT&T doesn't keep text message information. Nevertheless, you may examine the usage logs for the account by logging in to the myAT&T account. On that page, you'll be able to view text messages sent on Android or iPhone from that account. You can also see the recipients of those messages along with the day and time when they were delivered. Only information pertaining to your most recent billing cycle will be shown. .  

How To Get Text Records From The Service Provider For A Court Case

If you have to recover deleted texts for something like a court case, you may be able to get your phone service provider to agree with the request. The process of retrieving your SMS messages requires both tenacity and patience. The mobile service provider may believe it is inappropriate to safeguard the recipient's privacy in the text exchange. In the event that the mobile service provider is unable to assist you, you should seek a court order or contact the authorities for assistance. They're the only two options available to retrieve text messages for legal use in judicial proceedings legally.   Step 1 First, get in touch with your cell service provider. Check that the information on the account is correct. Inquire with the agent about the records of your text messages. There is a possibility that you may be moved to a different agent, who will then question you regarding verification.   Step 2 The second step is to file your lawsuit in court. You will be able to obtain a court order to seek text messages through your cell carrier once you have filed a lawsuit.   Step 3 Get the court order. Make it known to your lawyer or the private investigator that you intend to submit the text messages as a type of evidence in the case. Your private investigator or attorney should present that request to the court on your behalf.   Step 4 If you don’t currently have legal representation, you should get in touch with the authorities in your area. In accordance with the Consumer Telephone Records Protection Act of 2006, this provides an additional legal option for retrieving your old text messages.   Step 5 Talk to the Federal Bureau of Investigation about the situation. They might be able to recover the deleted messages from the mobile device by using digital forensics.

Retrieve Text Message Records from iOS and Android With The Help Of Third-Party Apps And Software

Suppose you aren't happy with the retrieved text messages and are still looking for more ways of acquiring text message history. In that case, you may attempt the more advanced methods for retrieving your Android/iPhone's text message history. However, this method involves third-party apps/software. When you erase a message on the iPhone/Android, the message does not instantly disappear from your device. The information on the iPhone/Android is concealed. Still, it is nevertheless retrievable with the help of third-party applications/ software up to the point when other data overwrites it. Exporting text messages out of a phone is only one of the many tasks made possible by the proliferation of apps in the modern world. The final file result will be different depending on which application or software is used. Some of these will generate a PDF version for you, which you may then save or share; others would export to RTF, and yet more will generate an email backup. However, the format won't have a major impact since the party who discovers it will probably either, a) examine the file using their own eyes or, b) use an all-purpose culling software to analyze the data. Neither of these options will make a significant impact. These applications and software can save the message history on the computer, reducing the chance of accidentally deleting anything important. Third-party programs, similar to the manual copying and emailing method, condense your export into a process that just takes a few easy steps to complete (besides downloading the application itself). In contrast to the manual copying and emailing process, this procedure is substantially more defensible inside a court.   

A General Guide To Getting Text Message Records From Third-Party Applications

  First, make sure the device is connected. Connecting the iOS/ Android device to the computer is the first step in finding all of the deleted text messages. Once this is done, you can begin your search.   Get the scan underway. You must choose the Scan option from the menu to begin the scan. Depending on the amount of data that is stored on the device, this procedure might take a while. Keep in mind that this scanning process may be paused at any time if you locate the file you are searching for while it is being performed. Choose the Messages option out of the list of things that are currently being searched for. The screen should show you every text message document relevant to the topic in a short while.   Retrieve Data On your screen, you could see the data that has been removed as well as the data that is now there. To see just the things that have been removed, you must first enable the option to “Only show deleted items.” At this point, you have the option of selecting the text message that you wish recovered. The only action that needs to be taken at this point is to select the “Recover to Device” / “Recover to Computer” button, which can be found on the screen, in order to save the texts as well as the attachments to either the device or the computer.    Third-party Technicians In order to complete this procedure, you will need to hand over your  phone to a qualified technician for a period of many hours so that they may retrieve all of its text message history (including the deleted texts). Although it could seem intrusive, this is a regular technique that is steadily gaining acceptance in today's society. Even while the technology has not yet reached its full potential just yet, certain eDiscovery suppliers have found methods to extract the communications data discreetly. This was previously impossible.   Despite its additional challenges, this is the technique of choice since it is unquestionably the single most acceptable approach to creating text messaging information for discovery.  


If you delete an important text message from the phone that you need urgently, it might put you in a painful situation. That is why it's important to know all about getting text message history from mobile devices. You should have no trouble retrieving the records of your text messages if you follow any of the aforementioned procedures. Check them out if you're looking for ways to acquire records of your text messages, and choose one of the techniques that work for you..  



iOS stands for “iPhone Operating System” and functions similarly to Windows on a personal computer. It was once referred to as iPhone OS after Apple first launched the device in 2007; it was later rebranded as iOS once the iPhone 3G was made available to consumers. It is often accompanied by its version, such as iOS 12 / iOS 11.3.1.

iCloud is an umbrella term that refers to all of these different technologies that Apple offers, such as the cloud storage known as iCloud Drive, its password management program known as iCloud Keychain, its iCloud Backup service, and the online interface found at

Android is a  mobile application development platform and a brand owned by Google. It was first shown to the public in November of 2007. In fact, Google's software is used in around seventy percent of Android smartphones.

It is Apple's in-house mechanism for sending and receiving messages. You are communicating with another person through iMessage if their name/ your chat bubbles flash blue when you are conversing with them. The program is exclusively compatible with Apple products, notably Mac computers, enabling users to send and receive money using iMessage applications, play games, and do other things.

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