How to Protect and Maintain Your Child’s Digital Health

December 1, 2022
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Concerned About Your Child’s Digital Health? Parental Control Apps Can Help!

In addition to making the lives of parents and children better in most respects, easy access to technology has brought on a few challenges in its wake. 

The gravest of them all is the fact that parents have lost control over their children’s lives. 

Parents no longer have as much control over the content kids consume or the people they associate with. 

Needless to say, most parents find this quite disconcerting. So, if you can relate to the experience of such parents, we would like to tell you that there are effective solutions out there. 

The best solution currently available involves parental control apps. They are also known as phone monitoring software. 

This article explains what phone monitoring apps can do and how they can play a crucial role in helping you regain control over your children’s lives. 

What is Digital Health and Wellbeing?

In a nutshell, digital health is about maintaining a proper balance in terms of the use of technology. 

Moderate use of technology, even social media, can be helpful. However, excessive use of technology can cause lasting damage to your children’s mental health. 

A recent study shows that children as young as 14 are developing mental illnesses because of improper and/or excessive use of technology. 

For example, cyberbullying is a major problem. Besides, things that seem harmless can also prove damaging to children. 

It has been noted that children can develop insecurities because of the things they see online. Insecurity about their fashion sense, their bodies, etc. are common problems. Many descend into depression or develop eating disorders as a consequence. 

Excessive use is a problem, sure, but the things your child does online is equally important. It must be extremely worrying for you as a parent to know that extremely violent and pornographic content is just a few clicks away from your child. 

Protecting your child from all the dangers listed above is fundamental to ensuring their digital wellbeing. 


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How to Ensure Your Child’s Digital Wellbeing? 

The best way in which you can take control over your children’s digital wellbeing is through using a phone monitoring app. 

Once installed in your child’s phone, these apps allow you to track and record everything your child does online and, in some cases, even offline. 

Phone monitoring apps have become so advanced that they can track literally everything your child does using their electronic gadgets. 

The following sections present a detailed breakdown of the features of the best monitoring apps and how they can help you maintain your children’s digital health. 

Monitor Contacts, Calls, and Text Messages

The most basic function of a phone is the ability to save people’s contacts, call, and message them. Despite social media, your child must be doing these things quite regularly. You can monitor all of those things using a parental control app. 

You will know every time your child saves someone’s contacts. They cannot hide who they associate with by saving people’s contacts under false names. You can easily uncover who the real person is by going through their message conversations. 

You will also know which people they communicate with most frequently and for the greatest duration. 


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Monitor Social Media Usage

It is likely that your child uses social media quite extensively. It is also likely that they are using social media for most of their communication and content needs. 

Thus, you can never have significant control over your child’s life without having control over their social media. 

The good news is that parental control apps let you access, track, and even restrict their social media usage (amongst other things). 

Most of the renowned apps allow this feature to be turned on for a wide range of social media sites. Almost every major platform is included. For example, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Snapchat, etc. are all fairly standard. 

If you have teenage kids, you can even get access to their activities on various dating apps. You will be able to see who they talk to, and even if they are using Tinder, just to give you one example. 

Apps like Tinder connect your children to random strangers, thereby exposing them to additional risk. 

As a parent, it is completely natural for you to want to know what they do on such apps, so you can protect them from danger. 

In fact, your child’s social media usage can also reveal a lot of things about them. Their interests, their role models, whether they are at risk of developing insecurities, etc. 

If you find that your child is following people who you think are a bad influence, you can put an end to that. You can also identify signs of depression or other mental health issues promptly and deal with them.

Moreover, as the gap between parents and children widens, social media can help you encourage your children to pursue productive interests and hobbies.

Monitor and Restrict App Usage

You can not only monitor your child’s activities on social media. A parental control app lets you monitor activities across all apps. 

For example, you can gain knowledge of where your child is travelling using their uber trips record. Or, you can see what content they are consuming on YouTube, Netflix, or other entertainment apps. 

However, none of the tracking capabilities make much sense unless you can restrict or block some things. 

You may not want to do this in case you are only secretly keeping tabs on your child. But, if you want to impose strict limits, you can do so using parental control software. 

You can completely block certain apps. For example, if you do not want your children to be talking to or meeting strangers through Tinder, you can completely block their access. In this case, some apps let you do this in a way that your child does not find out at all. 

Furthermore, you can restrict your children’s access to some apps. This could be quite useful in limiting your children’s screen time, especially frivolous entertainment. 

For instance, you believe that your child is spending too much time watching Netflix to TikTok at the expense of their studies. You can simply set a limit on the amount of time they can spend on these apps. 

Therefore, if you disapprove of something your child is doing, you will not be restricted to empty threats alone. You can actually take concrete steps using a parental control app. 


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Track and Restrict WiFi Access

In addition to app restrictions, you can restrict their WiFi access as well. Therefore, you can make their phones or electronic devices more or less useless without having to seize them. 

For example, if you believe that your child is spending too much time online, you can simply cut their internet access. You can also enforce strict study times using this feature. 

If you make calls or texts without using the internet, you have access to that as well. So, there is no way they can outsmart you. 

Moreover, WiFi tracking helps in terms of real-time location tracking too. This is the third location tracking method in addition to GPS and cell tower location.  

Location Tracking and Geofencing

An invaluable benefit of using parental control apps is that you know your child’s location at all times. This is extremely crucial in making sure that they are leading a balanced and secure life. 

Location tracking can help you protect your children from danger and prevent them from engaging in harmful activities. 

Most of the best parental control apps track your children’s locations using multiple methods to get the best results. GPS, cell tower locations, and WiFi locations are all simultaneously tracked. 

So, for instance, if your child disables the GPS or has their phone stolen or destroyed, you can still know their last known location. 

This can become crucial if your child is in danger. You can quickly respond to emergencies even when your child loses access to their phone. 

Furthermore, monitoring apps come with a feature called geofencing. It basically lets you set a safe or acceptable perimeter. This can include the neighborhood you live in, the school area, and the residences of selected friends and family.

Every time your child ventures out of these areas, you will be immediately notified. You can prevent your children from visiting unknown or unsafe places using this feature. You can also ensure that your child informs you and takes your permission to go to such places. 

Track Your Child’s Events Schedule

Location tracking can help you monitor your child’s activities outside the digital space. But so can their calendars and schedules. 

Phone monitoring apps give you access to your children’s plans in the short to medium term. Of course, you can figure some of this out from their chats and communications. 

But, if they regularly update to-do lists and calendars, you can monitor those as well. This can help you question your child about their upcoming plans and discover if they are hiding things. 

For example, if you see a study session at a trusted friend’s house on their calendar but their messages reveal that they are planning a house party, you can confront them on this issue. 

Access Photos and Videos

The gallery in your child’s phone can open up their entire world to you. The places they visit, the people they associate with, the food they eat, their interests and passions, etc. can all be figured out from their pictures and videos. 

You can ensure that they are not doing something inappropriate. Because kids can be very smart when they want to hide things. They may use code language to talk about a secret party or something illegal along those lines. 

Therefore, the more ways in which you can monitor them, the less their ability to outsmart you. So, access to their photos and videos can sometimes reveal information they have hidden via other means. 

More importantly, you can also find out whether they have harmful content saved on their phone. 

In some cases, they may not be consuming pornographic or violent content online but have it saved on their devices. Perhaps they got it from someone they know through Bluetooth or other means of direct phone-to-phone transfer. 

You can uncover those only using the gallery access feature. 


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Monitor Keylogger

In addition to all the communications and Google searches your child does, you can also track the things they write but do not send to anyone. This can include notes and journals, draft emails, unsent messages, etc. 

Your child’s notes and journals can literally let you peek inside their head. You can discover things both good and bad. 

Since we are focusing on digital wellbeing, it is crucial that you detect signs of depression, bullying, mental pressure, etc. as early as possible. Perhaps your child is going through something they cannot express to you or anyone else. But they are pouring their hearts out on paper. 

Imagine what kind of impact access to such documents can allow you to have. If this were the only feature provided by monitoring apps, they would have been worth all the same. 

Monitor and Restrict Keywords

Your child is likely using a lot of keywords on their electronic devices. Whether this is to search for YouTube videos or to do research for a school project, keywords are a bit part of their digital footprint. 

As you can see, it is crucial that you monitor their keyword usage. That will give you a sense of what they are using their phones for and what kind of content they are consuming. 

The best thing about this feature is that you can designate certain keywords as problematic. Then you will get a notification every time your child uses that keyword. Both during search queries and in their communications. 

Moreover, you can ever restrict certain keywords from showing search results in some of the more advanced parental apps. 

Summing Up 

If you are concerned about your child’s digital wellbeing, shed your concerns about their privacy and seek the assistance of an advanced parental control app. That would be our sincere recommendation. Such apps will let you monitor all their activities. They will let you enforce rules, pull your children away from bad influences, and guide them towards a more safe and healthy environment. 


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