Is it Safe for Children to Play Roblox?

October 1, 2022


Every youngster has a favorite video game, whether it's Minecraft or Fortnite. If you're looking for an online gaming community where you can interact with other players and create your own games, Roblox is a popular choice. The Internet game has engulfed the whole world. From kids to college, students are all fans of Roblox games, which now have more than 225 million monthly users. As a result, some parents are concerned about their children's safety because of Roblox's multiplayer style and open line of communication policy. Let's take a closer look at this Roblox trend! Let's find out why it's such a big deal for kids nowadays. And Is Roblox really safe for children?

What is Roblox?

Roblox is an online game creation platform. The vast majority of the material shown on the platform is the product of “amateur” game developers working in the Roblox studio. These game developers can use simple technologies to build and distribute their games to the community. Because of this, they can test out concepts that would not get funding for a commercial launch. The company's main purpose is to connect the globe together via video games. As a worldwide community of developers has created millions of highly interactive 3D experiences, they empower anybody to conceive, create, and have fun with friends via Roblox. After registering an account, you will be granted access to a plethora of free features, including the ability to play an unlimited number of games, construct and share projects, and engage in conversation with other users. Your children will need ”Robux” if they intend to play Roblox seriously, and, likely, they will also want to join Roblox Premium, which offers more features in exchange for a monthly membership fee. Roblox provides a large number of tutorials, a wiki, as well as a player community that is willing to lend a hand to young individuals who have an interest in developing their own video games. Charging users to play their games and providing pay-as-you-go in-game buys, which are often required to advance in the game, are two ways that game developers may monetize their creations to generate cash.

Why is Roblox Such a Hit Among Young Kids?

On the basis of monthly visitors and hours spent just on-site, Roblox has been listed as one of the most popular online entertainment outlets for audiences under the age of eighteen years old (as per Comscore). The community seems to be the single driver of growth, with countless new users joining every day due to positive word-of-mouth. It's much like any other social media network, where students can connect with others who have similar interests and provide comments. Kids love Roblox because they can construct whatever they want in the virtual world, much as with Legos. Playing Roblox allows gamers to tap into other people's creative minds, allowing them to construct and re-build virtual environments. In Roblox, students even have the opportunity n to learn to code and create their own games.

Is Roblox Safe for Kids?

Because it is user-generated, Roblox material does not have to adhere to the same strict age classifications as commercially produced content. According to the UK's PEGI 7 grading system, there isn't any blood in Roblox. A legally obligatory PEGI classification only covers the system and a selection of sample games administered by the VSC. In the United States, the ESRB has adopted a similar strategy to the one used in other countries. The games developed on Roblox are subject to a filtering and verification process that looks for offensive language and pictures. However, games with gruesome, gory, or otherwise disturbing themes are still permitted. Roblox has an ESRB classification of E10+ for anyone 10 and up for Fantasy Violence, suggesting that most youngsters should be able to play it without a problem. On the other hand, the rating also contains a Users Interact notice, which informs parents how players may connect with one another, join groups, and develop and distribute games with each other. Roblox does a good job of regularly monitoring the material that is posted on the platform; but, with so many active users each month, it is possible that some abusive messages or user-generated material may get through. Therefore, it is essential for parents to get acquainted with the extensive parental controls made available by Roblox (additional information on this topic is provided further below) to guarantee that the children are protected from exposure to improper information or messages. So not all games on Roblox are geared towards children. Parents must make sure their children are playing the right games with the correct people since some games have more adult material. Children of all ages may enjoy Roblox, yet parents must supervise their kids to ensure they remain in the right Roblox lane. Since you would not feel comfortable letting your young children run free in a park without adult supervision, you shouldn't do it digitally either, even if it's for no other cause than to preserve your own sense of calm. So to answer these frequent questions: Is Roblox safe for 6 year olds? Is Roblox safe for 5 year olds? Is Roblox safe for 4 year olds? All we can say is that, yes, it is safe if we just follow some necessary measures.

How to Make Roblox a Safer Place for Your Child to Play

Make use of parental controls. As user-generated material makes up the vast majority of Roblox's offerings, the Roblox development team has included a wide range of parental controls right into the platform's Settings. These controls are further discussed in Roblox's Parent's Guide. Roblox's parental controls allow parents to curate the material their children may encounter while playing the game. These controls include limiting voice chat to only authorized friends or switching it off completely, as well as building a list of games suitable for children of a certain age. Many also advise parents to block their child's chat option, particularly if they are not actively watching their child's gameplay. The Account Restrictions feature, for example, may be used to keep the child's user profile locked to ensure that no other users can deliver them messages or talk in-app or in-game. When these Account Restrictions are enabled, no changes may be made to any of these options separately.

Begin by following these instructions for installing parental restrictions on Roblox:

To access your account, you must first log in. Settings may be accessed by clicking the gear symbol. Right-click on Privacy here on the Settings screen. You can make changes to both Contact and Other Settings from this page. Choose Friends / No one if the kid is twelve or younger. There are more opportunities for engagement with other gamers if your youngster is thirteen or older. Are you worried about how much time and money your kid is wasting on Roblox? You may restrict the amount of cash your kid can spend on Roblox, no matter what device they use to access the game. And some parental tools, such as Apple's Screen Time, Google's Family Link, and Microsoft's Family Settings, allow parents to regulate precisely when or how long their children can engage in video games. This helps parents ensure that their children get their tasks done and don't stay up well beyond bedtime trying to play Roblox. In addition, Roblox enables youngsters to ban and report disruptive or bothersome users.

Remind children that they must observe safe practices.

Common Sense Media recommends parents teach their children not to speak with strangers and not to welcome private messages from strangers. They also recommend stressing that children should never provide personal information, follow their intuition if anybody makes them feel uncomfortable, and also never switch platforms during a discussion (a telltale sign of a predator).

Never let your children play alone in a room without an adult present.

According to experts, Children shouldn't be allowed to play Roblox games behind closed bedroom doors but rather in an accessible, family environment where their parents can monitor them.

Keep children from being able to make modifications to their accounts.

According to experts, parents may also create a PIN to prevent their children from implementing adjustments to their profile without permission. For example, they might restrict their children from granting themselves greater play access. In addition to that, this enables parents to design their very own gaming lists for young children.

Keep the lines of communication open at all times.

Experts encourage having open and candid conversations with your child to make sure they are aware that they could and ought to talk to you if they end up experiencing anything online that does not appear proper to them, regardless of the fact that you are supervising the child while they are using the platform. The expert makes the observation that having these interactions continuingly—and perhaps checking in occasionally to enquire what they are doing on the forum, could help you spot any possible difficulties that might also come up.


Even while many children have fun playing Roblox daily, there are other, more enjoyable methods for children to pass the time that do not expose them to dangers such as online child predators and inappropriate content. If you ask us, it would probably be for the better if children avoided using Roblox, as there are various games available that are of better quality, and children may even acquire some skills like programming. If parents properly consider the advice given by the gaming specialists, Roblox may be considered a risk-free gaming platform for their children. The most effective strategy to protect your children from potential danger while they play Roblox would be to stipulate that they must play in a family room that allows you to keep an eye on what they are doing.


The expression is not an abbreviation; rather, it simply denotes the fact that a player is ready to carry out a certain action as a normal part of the gaming. The letter sequence “ABC” may be interpreted as an inquiry and an answer. Players often use this term when referring to group activity in the Roblox game Adopt Me, such as the search for a new sibling or pet.

This phrase, which may be used to show lighthearted displeasure of a certain action inside the game, is an abbreviation for “shaking (or shake) my head.”

This phrase, which translates to “I Swear to God,” is likely to be used whenever children chat on Roblox.

This means “away from keyboard” in abbreviated form. Users who log out of their Roblox accounts will transmit this abbreviation to their friends.

A “noob” is a term used by gamers to describe a person who is new to a video game and may not be familiar with all of the guidelines. It may be used humorously, but it also has the potential to be disparaging, so keep an eye out if you hear it a lot during your child's playing conversations.

This popular building element may be put to use in a wide variety of ways across the Roblox universe. Brick is a “block” that, similar to other construction materials (pebble, wood, marble, etc.) present in the game, can be utilized to create individualized things and environments.

A member of the Roblox community is known as a “Robloxian”. Additionally, they are not alone since Roblox is used regularly by millions of individuals all around the world.

Robux refers to the in-game money that may be used to make purchases inside the game. The monetization side of Roblox makes its money, and it usually does so in a significant manner.
The use of microtransactions has enabled a large number of children to learn how to generate money online out of the comfort of their own homes, converting their interest in gaming into a potentially profitable business.

This phrase, which might be pronounced “pone,” describes the point in the game at which a player has been thoroughly defeated. To begin game play, a child would remark something along the lines of “let's pwn some noobs.”

This is an unusual one—the exclamation “reeeee,” which is supposed to signify annoyance or fury, is popular among YouTubers who broadcast themselves whilst playing Roblox.

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