Umobix vs Eyezy

November 1, 2022

Umobix vs. Eyezy: An Overview

Worried about your loved ones and wish to track their locations? Debating between Umobix vs Eyezy? Install the monitoring software that best suits your preferences. Tracking software happens to be the personal favorite of most people nowadays. Starting from worried parents to stressed-out partners- all can be solved through online tracking applications. 

Umobix and Eyezy are great tracking applications you can install on your phones. Within a click, you shall be able to tell where your child or spouse is. To add the cherry on top, you can even view deleted content on Umobix. Eyezy, on the other hand, lets you know if the person you're tracking has reached a specific destination through notifications. Overall, it has all you need to monitor or spy on anybody!

Out of the myriad of monitoring software I have reviewed, the following are a few details I have come across about Umobix and Eyezy.


Umobix Features Overview

Eyezy Features Overview


Compatibility Both Android and iOS Both Android and iOS
Number of devices Only one for each subscription A maximum of three for each family plan
Pricing One-month, three-month, and twelve-month plans for $49.99/mo, $27.99/mo, $11.66/mo. One-month, three-month, and twelve-month plans for $47.99/mo, $27.99/mo, $9.99/mo.
Demo Yes Yes
Location Tracking Yes Yes
Remote capabilities Yes Yes
Social Media Tracking Yes Yes


Umobix vs Eyezy: Features:


The Umobix software provides essential features. It gives you sufficient demos as well. So, if you're new to this tracking business, you may learn from here and use the app with ease.


Check those Text Messages

Texting is a common form of communication nowadays; all a person does when they sit around with their devices is text or message somebody. Out of all the applications one may use, the texting mediums are used the most.. Similarly, if you wish to monitor somebody's activities or see what they are up to, go through their text messages. Most of their information is given away in mere chats to another person. Whether they'll be using an apple or a Samsung, they're probably texting their buddies. You can read every communication with Umobix and Eyezy. It's an excellent technique to determine if they're texting someone you know.

Umobix and Eyezy allow you to check the texts and read through them without the person knowing, and voila! You shall know what they're up to. 


See the Calls

Calling is another method through which people communicate daily.. Applications like Umobix and Eyezy help you decipher a detailed call history of your child or spouse! Whenever you feel suspicious, the apps ensure you know who they are talking to and the duration. This way, you can monitor who they're talking to. The Umobix software can assist you if you're concerned about who someone is talking to.  You can view call logs with ease. 


Track the Location

Location tracking is necessary when you're far away. Whether to check if your kid is at school or bunking classes or checking whether your spouse is on your way home- the location tracking system helps you in many ways you don't even know. Moreover, Eyezy sends you alerts when the person you're tracking reaches a specific destination. After installing Umobix or Eyezy, you'll notice how simple it is to view their movement history on a grid.

You'll have comprehensive information like geolocation, the date monitored, the location, and a map to view a pictorial depiction of their location in Umobix specifically.


Roam around Social Media

Social media is essential to any individual. As of now, even the kids are using social media accounts daily, pretending as if they are accustomed to all the uses and features. Moreover, an individual spills their heart out on social media, whether it is Tinder or Facebook. As a result, monitoring your child's social media accounts is more than necessary in times like these. In addition to that, suspecting your partner or somebody of anything would lead you to go through their social media accounts as well. Social media is like a treasure- you enter it and find every tiny detail possible about the person in concern.

How can these applications keep your children secure while using social media? WhatsApp, Skype, and Messenger interactions on iOS. Telegram, WeChat, Line, Viber, Hangouts, Kik, and even Zoom are included in Umobix for Android.

Eyezy happens to have a few more social media accounts up its sleeve than Umobix. So, if you're looking for an account that does not exist in the Umobix app, you can always try Eyezy.


Microphone and Camera

Umobix can provide access  to your child's microphone or camera if you're using Android, then you can see it or hear what they're viewing or doing at any moment. However, this functionality is not accessible on iOS.


Deleted Content? Not any more!

Deleted content is the real deal when it comes to monitoring anybody. Is there something they're trying to keep from you? Examining their deleted content will reveal this. It'll still appear in Umobix, giving you a better idea of what they do. This feature makes Umobix a people's favorite as it is the best advantage an application can provide you!


To keep an eye on the features of both the apps, it is necessary to point out that Eyezy offers access to more applications  than Umobixs. Moreover, Umobix comes for a higher price than Eyezy does with a few more features. At the end of the day, the choice is yours. However, based on the features listed above, it is safe to conclude that Eyezy has  better options for you.


Winner: Eyezy

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Umobix vs Eyezy: Plans and Pricing:

The pricing of both the applications is somewhat similar. While Umobix offers $49.99/mo for one-month plans, Eyezy offers $47.99/mo for the same plan. As a result, there remains a difference between the two software. Even though the three-month plans for both are of the same amount, the twelve-month plan again is different from one application to the other. Thus, it can be said that Umobix is the pricier option.

If you're planning to use the subscription on multiple devices, Umobix might not be the one for you. While Umobix requires you to opt for a subscription for each device you use, Eyezy lets you operate three devices in one subscription. This makes Eyezy an even cheaper option. Moreover, the higher number of apps and social media accounts available on Eyezy further makes it a good value for your money.

Umobix has definite features too, but from the price point and plans they have to offer, Eyezy seems to be a better choice. Eyezy has a wider user base for this exact reason- more people can afford it, unlike Umobix. For the price point of Umobix, it needs to improvise the application to make it all look worth it.


Winner: Eyezy

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Umobix vs Eyezy: Pros and Cons :


Let us list the pros and cons of each monitoring app.

Umobix: Pros

  •   The demo feature of Umobix is quite advanced and ensures user-friendliness.
  •   It is compatible with both iOs and Android, making it accessible for all.
  •   The deleted content viewing is a cherry on top.


Umobix: Cons

  •   Provides better service in Android than in iOs
  •   Quite expensive for general people
  •   Multiple subscriptions are required


Eyezy: Pros

  •   It is affordable
  •   Pays attention to details 
  •   Easy to use and install


Eyezy: Cons

  •   The iCloud sync happens to be quite slow


Winner: Eyezy

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Umobix vs Eyezy: Detectability:

If your child or the person you're spying on can detect the monitoring software, it is of little to no use. They can easily uninstall the application which shall prevent you from enjoying any of the features listed above. Both Umobx and Eyezy have the detectability option kicked off of them. In other words, they are invisible..

The invisible feature protects the tracking app from not being uninstalled by anybody other than you. There are a few parental control tracking apps available that can be found on your children's device's main screen. After all, your child can easily uninstall the program and prohibit their parents from monitoring their activities.

The great news is that Eyezy is entirely anonymous, so you can install and maintain it on the individual's targeted system without fearing them finding out.

On the other hand, Umobix seems to be having a few issues regarding the invisibility feature. According to a few reviews left on the application, the customers complained about the app not being undetected anymore due to specific updates. While this defeats the whole purpose of tracking in the first place, the complaints are to be addressed by the management of Umobix. Hence, Eyezy seems to be the better and safer option to go for in recent times till Umobix fixes the invisibility issue.


Winner: Eyezy

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Umobix vs Eyezy: Customer Support:

Customer support is vital. Whether it is for any big technological issues or small queries by the clients, customer support is what makes or breaks a company. As a result, customer support should be a primary factor before deciding which tracking software is better than the other.

The customer service of Umobix has uncountable reviews saying how amazing it is. This shows that the company provides exemplary service. While many monitoring apps might offer the same features, the workforce sets one apart from the other. In this case, it's Umobix.

The technicians solve any technical issues faced by the customers within a few moments. And their clients' feedback is also taken quite seriously. While there might not be any bad reviews or complaints regarding Eyezy's customer support, there seem to be many praiseworthy comments on Umobix. This shows how the service has been set apart by the audience.

Umobix has a chatbox that instantly replies to you and solves any questions or issues you might have. Even after the demo, it might be tough for a few people to learn to operate an entirely new application, especially since it should be hidden and used carefully. In times like these, customer support comes in handy.

The customer service of Umobix enables users to communicate more freely with the technicians and ensures a full quality experience on both sides. Therefore, the winner of customer support happens to be Umobix, out of the sheer number of praises the clients had to shower on all review websites.


Winner: Umobix

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The Bottom Line on Umobix vs. Eyezy:

While both the monitoring applications have pretty similar features, it is needless to say that one stands out more than the other from all perspectives. In the Umobix vs. Eyezy comparison, Eyezy happens to be a better contender due to being sufficient in all categories. It is affordable, requires fewer subscriptions, and provides more access- this is a bang for your buck. Choose the one you would prefer, and start the tracking process!


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