Searching for the best parental control apps for Android? We are here to help you create a safer online experience for your kids and family.

So, what is the best parental control app for Android in 2024? There are definitely few strong candidates and If you are clueless about what to pick, you are in the right place as we got you covered. Our team can help you make the right decision.

Looking for an Android app that keeps your kids safe is not an easy task. With the right parental control app, you can have a good head start.

Not every Android app has the same features. There are many different parental control apps out there, but this does not mean that you can choose just any app and expect it to deliver top-notch benefits.

You need to be well-informed. Go over as many options as possible for the best parental control apps for Android. Compare them based on their price and features. Learn from the experiences of other people. If possible, test it out before making any purchase, there are many free parental control apps you can take for a test drive and then decide.

We create comprehensive reviews of the best apps available to help parents control the gadgets of their kids. Our team is not paid by any app, so you can be sure that we have no bias. We share only our true opinions to help you choose from the top-rated Android parental controls.

How Do We Rate Parental Control Apps for Android?

To help you choose the best parental control app for Android, we have a rating system for every option that is available on our website. We rate them with 10 being the highest score. The ratings are not given out randomly for every app. It is a result of careful analysis based on the following factors, among others.

  • Price: We give high ratings to those that are available at prices that don’t hurt the wallet. The best free parental control apps for Android are also given a good grade. However, take note that price should not be the sole determining factor. After all, if one app is feature-packed and highly-effective, the cost should not be an issue.

  • Functionality: This is more important than price when we consider the options for an Android parental control app. We love those that are packed with the functions that parents will find most useful, including content filtering, app blocking, time restrictions, location tracking, and call/text monitoring, among others. In most cases, the more functions are present, the more expensive the app can be.

  • Ease of Use: Choose a user-friendly app. If it is too complicated to use, parents will lack the motivation to use it. The apps should come with a seamless and intuitive interface. The speed should also be impressive.

  • Device Compatibility: As you look for Android parental control, make sure it is compatible with your device and the device that you intend to monitor. The newer apps are only suitable with newer versions of Android, so make sure to check it out.

  • Customer Support: Our rating is also based on available customer support, including phone, live chat, and email. It can be frustrating when no one is available to extend a hand when you need help.

What Should Parental Control Apps for Android Have?

To help you narrow down the options for the best parental control app Android, below is a rundown of the crucial features that must be present:

  • Content Blocking and Filtering: This is the most basic function that you will find in many parental control apps. It protects users from age-inappropriate content, including videos. The app can block those that are related to crime, discrimination, or pornography, among other themes that are not suitable for some users.

  • Social Media Monitoring: The top Android parental control apps can help monitor and control social media usage. For instance, it can provide alerts about new friends that are being added in social media platforms, as well as the contents that they access.

  • Time Management: Many parental control apps limit and manage the screen time of the users. Parents can set the specific time at which their kids can use gadgets or access the internet. This makes sure that they don’t spend their entire day in front of their smartphones or tablets.

  • Location Tracking: Parents easily panic when they don’t hear from their kids. To avoid being paranoid, parental control apps can help to track the location of the user. You can also set up a function wherein you will receive an immediate alert once a user goes off a pre-determined location.

  • Blocking of In-App Purchases: Protect your credit card and bank account from unauthorized use with the help of this feature. This blocks any third-party payment that can be made without your consent.

  • Text and Call Monitoring: Another must-have in the best Android parental controls is the ability to track SMS and calls. It has the option to block certain numbers, including those that are not saved in the contacts.

  • Real-Time Notifications: It is also important that they provide real-time notifications in the form of text, email, or push alerts. This makes it possible to act accordingly. If the notifications are always late, this negatively affects the usefulness of the app.

  • Router Control: This is a great thing to have, although, we must admit that many of our favorites lack this. It is great because it controls the entire network through the router instead of monitoring individual devices.

Our Top Parental Control Apps for Android

Listed below are the top apps that we have tested on various Android devices. We've done a lengthy and comprehensive evaluation of each app in order to come up with this list:

App Cost Try Now
Bark$14 per month
Bosco$5.35 per month
eyeZy$9.99 per month
uMobix$29.99 per month
Qustodio$4.58 per month

Why Should You Consider Using Parental Control Apps for Android?

Using Android parental control apps is a must as it delivers the following benefits:

  • It Controls Access to Contents and Apps: The best thing about Android parental controls is that they protect the users from inappropriate contents, including videos and articles that are not suitable for their age.

  • It Manages Their Screen Time: Finding it hard to control the gadget usage of kids? A parental control app can offer the perfect solution. It limits the time that the users can use the internet or a gadget.

  • It Helps to Track Users: This is possible with the location tracking feature. With the GPS turned on, you will know where exactly your child is. Some also have a geofencing feature to send instant notifications when a user is outside a defined location.

  • It Promotes Online Safety: The best parental control app for Android can also come handy when it comes to protecting your computer or gadget from online threats, such as viruses and hacking.

  • It Prevents Cyberbullying: Because these apps can help monitor social media activities, it is also a good way to prevent cyberbullying. Parents can instantly act once the monitoring shows that their child is being bullied or is the one bullying.

Final Verdict

Some people might think that the best parental control apps for Android are built for spying. It is also considered by many as an invasion of privacy. For parents who love their children, however, this is a way of protecting their kids.

As discussed above, parental control apps are must-haves because they promote a safe and sound experience with the use of smartphones, tablets, and computers. It makes sure that children will access only content appropriate for their age. The app makes it easy to track users and to limit their screen time. It is a good way to promote discipline and prevent cyberbullying.

If you also have iPhone devices, you need to monitor make sure the parental control app you chose supports iOS devices as well. Many apps have better features on the Android operating system such as text monitoring as it is much more open.

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