How We Rated Parental Control Apps

Welcome to our "How We Rated" page. Here, we provide transparency into our rating process for the top parental control software on the market.

We believe in providing parents with accurate and unbiased information so they can make informed decisions about which software is right for their family, which is why our team of experts evaluates each app using a set of criteria to ensure that we provide unbiased and accurate reviews. Learn more about our methodology and rating criteria below.

Setting Up

We evaluate the installation process of the app on the admin device and all other devices to be monitored. We determine if the setup is easy, straightforward, and user-friendly.

Social Networks Monitoring

We test if the app can monitor any social networking apps or sites on the devices being monitored. We ensure that the app can monitor not just the most common social networks but also other social media apps that children might use.

Filtering and Blocking

We evaluate the effectiveness of the app in filtering and blocking any inappropriate material or content. We assess if the app can prevent children from accessing harmful sites or online content.

Communication Monitoring

We check if the parental control app can monitor any messages that children are receiving on their devices, including SMS messages, instant messaging apps, and emails.

Screen Time Monitoring

If a scheduling feature is available, we evaluate if it can prevent children from using the device or going online during the set time. We also determine if children can find a way to bypass such features.

Location Alerts

We test the app's ability to monitor the child's location and send alerts if they go to places that are not safe or too far away. We also evaluate the app's accuracy in detecting the child's location.

Mobile Compatibility

We evaluate if the parental control app can be installed on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. We assess how many devices the app supports, as the more devices they support, the better.


We assess the subscription packages offered by the app and compare them with other plans offered by other parental control apps. We evaluate if the pricing is reasonable or not.

Range of Apps

We evaluate the parental control app's ability to monitor not only social media or messaging apps but also other apps that could put a child's well-being at risk, such as dating apps or apps with explicit content.

Customer Support

Furthermore, we assess the app's customer support and responsiveness to issues or concerns raised by users. A reputable parental control app should provide reliable customer support channels, such as email, phone, or chat support, to assist users with any technical difficulties or questions.

Overall, we strive to provide parents with accurate and unbiased reviews of parental control apps to help them make informed decisions about the best solutions to safeguard their children's online activities.

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