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  • Does not include a time management feature
Last Updated: September 1, 2023

Highster Mobile Review 2023


Download, activate, access – these are three of the simple things you need to do to make the most out of Highster Mobile. The latter is a parental control app, which is at the forefront of developing a safer online experience for kids. It is also used by employers, but in this short review, our focus will be on its application as parental control software. Text messages, location, browser history, and online chats are just some of the things that you can monitor using Highster Mobile UK. You can choose from two plans – $29.99 and $69.99 depending on the features you would like to enjoy. Regardless, it guarantees peace of mind.

Is this the best parental control app for you? What are its features? Is it user-friendly? There’s only one way to find out! Read this short Highster Mobile review and learn from some of the valuable insights we’ll be sharing.

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Set Up

Setting up Highster Mobile is quick and effortless. You will be done in less than five seconds! If you are using an iOS device, the first thing to do is to go to Appstore, look for Highster, and click the download button. Access the target device and log-in to Apple iCloud. Log into the dashboard and you can now enjoy the app.

For Android users, the setup is a bit different but equally easy. The main difference is that you need to access the device physically. This is unlike with iOS devices where remote installation is possible by simply signing-in to iCloud.

Filtering, Blocking, and Monitoring

With Highster mobile spy, you will have several options for filtering and blocking. It will provide better control of what your kids are doing on their gadgets, including the content that they are accessing. As it is basic of any parental control, it can monitor texts and calls. You can also access social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. You can sign-in to their account remotely, allowing you to monitor their interactions with other people. Based on their conversations, you can then block certain people, preventing them from talking to your child. To add, you can block installation and access of specific apps, especially those that you believe are not suitable for your kids. Take note that this functions mostly as a monitoring tool. Hence, the main use is to monitor online activities and not to block them. Based on the results of the monitoring, however, you can act accordingly.

Activity Record

Using Highster Mobile UK will let you access records from the online activities of kids. This way, you will understand what they are doing, and you can intervene when necessary. Among others, the app will record photos and videos that are taken using the phone or tablet. It can be a lifesaver in protecting your kids from the dangers of the online world, especially sexual abuse. You can see if there are explicit images on their gadgets, and you can explain to them why it is dangerous.

To add, the app also keeps a record of calls and text messages. It will let you know who your kids have been talking to. You can see the exact message sent or received. Even if your kid deletes the message, it is still accessible. You can also see pertinent details, such as date and time of the call or text, as well as information about the other party.

Mobile Support

It works for both iOS and Android. Make sure that you have the latest version of the operating system to unlock the full benefits of the app. There is no jailbreaking needed, which is beneficial in terms of simplicity. The best thing is that you get free lifetime updates. If you are monitoring computers, however, this is not for you. It does not offer support to Windows, Mac, and similar operating systems.

Location Tracking

The app is equipped with robust geo location targeting and enables parents know exactly the location of their child. As the phone is being tracked the app uploads periodic GPS location stamps that you can see in the live control panel and thus tracks every move of the phone. This feature can be helpful to also if your kids lose their phone, since the control panel will know its exact location.

Ease of Use

Another good reason to choose this app is that it is user-friendly. From installation to tweaking the settings, you will not have a hard time. One thing that makes it easy to use is the ability to install the app remotely, although, as of the time of writing, this is a feature inclusive to iOS users. If ever you encounter any problem with the use of the app, get in touch with the customer service representatives of the company and you will receive the necessary assistance.


Anyone looking for parental control software will consider price as an important factor. With Highster Mobile, we love the simplicity and affordability of their pricing. Two plans are available, both of which will require only a one-time payment. This is unlike others that will need recurring payments monthly, quarterly, or annually. To add, the price is the same whether you are using an Android or iOS device.

Basic: This is the cheaper plan, which costs $29.99 for a one-time payment. It will let you enjoy basic features, such as call and text monitoring and GPS tracking.

Pro: With a one-time payment of $69.99, this is the better option if the price is not an issue. It provides access to the best features, including monitoring messaging apps and keystrokes.

Aside from its simple pricing model, we also love how there is a Highster Mobile free trial. With the latter, you have 30 days to try the app and decide if it is good. If not, get in touch with their representatives and you will receive an unconditional refund. This is a great way to guarantee your satisfaction.

If you are on a budget, make sure to check other available and more affordable parental control apps on the market.

If these are expensive solutions check out our selection of free parental control apps and their reviews.


Even if you read other Highster Mobile reviews available online, you will see that many of them have only good words to share. This app packs a punch! It has exceptional features for monitoring your kids. From tracking text messages to accessing browser history, it has the most important things you need to understand kids better and provide a safer online experience. The best thing is that they have a simple, one-time payment scheme, unlike others wherein you need to pay monthly or annually.

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