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Last Updated: July 1, 2024

OurPact Review 2023


The digital era can be really difficult for parents whose kids have smartphones packed with messaging apps just like TikTok, Snapchat or Kik. Your children may truly acknowledge that their matters, tweets or interesting videos cannot hold till the next morning. It is an almost recent new arrival in the parental-control-application trade. It was introduced in 2015 and, till 2019; it had a big target on the iPad. The OurPact reviews are very positive all over the world.

OurPact dashboard
OurPact dashboard

OurPact is a convenient, parental control application which offers many options as well as services in child control on mobile devices. With text messages and application limiting, to site filtering as well as locator capacities, parents have an extensive range of oversight and control tools. The free consent provides parents basic cautioning options. They can easily go for a more advanced option which includes more features; the application permits you to handle the screen limit on the child’s device plus to set guidelines for various kinds of mobile applications. Like the children are mostly unfocused by mobile games as well as social media applications, the OurPact app assists parents to less their distractions and make sure their child’s focus.

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Parental App

It can be installed on a Google Pixel 2XL streaming Android 9.0 (Pie), an iPad Air 2 as well as a pair OurPact iPhone 7 Plus. We utilized a 15-inch 2017 MacBook Pro streaming MacOS 10.13.6 to use the OurPact net portal.

Like many parental-control applications, the initial step towards working with OurPact is to make an account on the site, in this form OurPact.com. After this join your child or children to the profile, and it immediately inquires which type of gadget (Android or iOS) your kid uses and clues you from the setup of the software on the particular gadget. With different services, this is just the final step. It's a very minor complaint about the OurPact, yet the other process of setting up the profile and guidelines until the final step just feels like a superior interaction.

Web Filters

OurPact assists parents to ensure every application is in the correct place on their child’s device. With Application Organizer closed, your child will not be allowed to delete any application on their phone.

OurPact web filter
OurPact web filter


Web clarifying is very basic in OurPact. If you click on the option in the lower-left side of the child's image in the parental application, you receive the choice to “Block Adult Matter” on your kid's gadget. This is just an on/off button with no other alternatives.


There is nothing difficult about this attribute, yet initial with the middle of the first management page are two buttons marked “Grant” plus “Block.” In two taps, you can just permit your kid additional moment for the day else to block the gadget for a specified limit of time. It is a speedy solution which doesn't mix with any of the leavings of your setup.

Application Management

There are double applications you are required to install: OurPact along with OurPact Jr. The initial one is the parent app, which requires to be connected on your own smartphone. Use OurPact parent application to put app instructions and screen time measures as well as handle the activity of the child.

OurPact app rules
OurPact app rules

OurPact Jr. is the application invented for child’s gadgets. You are required to install it on the child’s phone to let it handle what is going on the gadget.

Take note:

You can search the two applications, OurPact along with OurPact Jr., on Google Play Store. Download plus install the apps next the on-screen guidelines to make the sure perfect role of the OurPact concerned panel.

OurPact Time Management

OurPact allows parents to set up individual time allowances. All kids are not equal and you can decide what is the time limit for each child.

The app allows you to track time usage across devices as we know kids might spend time on their phone and also on the iPad. One of the great features of the time management function is the ability to request your kids to finish various tasks such as home work or house cleaning tasks.

Pros and Cons



Location Tracking

OurPact clicks about all the helpful boxes with its place following on OurPact Android. The place pane permits you to fast check a child's present location, yet the geo-fencing available from the location functionality is a very interesting feature.

OurPact family locator
OurPact family locator

Places allow you to state a location (park, home, school, etc.) as well as then opt to get an alert whenever the kid's device both enters or leaves that place. You easily get an address for the place, then click-and-pull or pinch-and-increase on the map to make the boundary which will trigger your alert.

We can't emphasize enough:

OurPact's family location tracking feature is a great way for parents to know exactly where their kids are.

The app allows you to set geo fence around specific location and get a text message once your child is stepping out of the restricted zone.

If you have more than one device tracked you can just type the name of your kid's device and see their location.

The family location tracking is available for Android and iPhone.

Check out this video from ourpact that shows the geofencing feature.


Far from many different parental-control applications, OurPact splits its characteristics into three evaluating tiers.

FREE Trial

Users can handle a single child gadget along with to five non-automatic blocks every month and a solely automated chain schedule.

Transformation to OurPact PLUS through $1.99 a month hits you up till 10 child gadgets, unlimited non-automatic chains as well as unlimited automated chain plans.

The OurPact Premium, at $6.99 per month, brings everything the assistance has to provide for up to 20 child gadgets, including unlimited non-automatic blocks, infinite automated chain plans, and the leftover the features which will be included later in the article.

And finally, there's the OurPact Premium+, which costs $9.99 per month. This is the highest tier but if you want to save more, you can get the annual subscription at $99.99 via their website or the application stores (App Store or Google Play). This will save you $20 a year!

Subscribe to OurPact
Plan Cost (Per Month) Subscribe via Website Subscribe via Play Store or App Store
OurPact PLUS $1.99
OurPact PREMIUM $6.99
OurPact PREMIUM+ $9.99


OurPact premium is hard without its issues. The shortage of texting control and the habits about the timer might all be significant problems, depending on your requirements. Despite that, this is one of the simplest apps to navigate as well as control which I checked and is still one of the most attractive. It must be on the waiting list for Android users.

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Mark Harris - Parental control apps reviewer

Mark Harris

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