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Ease of Use

Supported Devices:

iOS, Android


  • Comprehensive monitoring of social media, location, internet, and more.
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation and usage.
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS devices.
  • Real-time notifications keep parents informed.
  • Reliable round-the-clock customer support.


  • No Mac or PC monitoring capability.
  • No free trial available.
  • Limited internet control options.
Last Updated: April 1, 2024

Parentaler Review 2023

As digitalization continues to shape our world, ensuring children's online safety has become a paramount concern for parents. Parentaler, a new entrant in the parental control app market, aims to provide a comprehensive solution to this challenge.

Parentaler dashboard
Parentaler dashboard

This all-in-one app is designed to track both online and offline data, offering a 360-degree view of a child's activities. Compatible with most Android and iOS devices, Parentaler is a versatile tool for modern parenting.

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Feature Set

Parentaler offers a robust set of features that take digital monitoring to a new level. Unlike many parental control apps that focus on non-intrusive monitoring, Parentaler provides access to the content of chats and search queries, addressing the reality that most digital threats come from private communications. The app's features include location tracking, internet filtering, app blocking, and smart alerts, providing parents with a comprehensive toolkit for monitoring their children's digital activities.

Social Media Monitoring

What's great about this parental control app us that it really excels at monitoring social media, messaging apps, and default messengers. The application links to various platforms, including the following:








What is does is that it allows parents to read both sent and received texts, view calls, see contact information, and view shared media across these platforms.

Call monitoring on Parentaler
Call monitoring on Parentaler

Location Tracking

As an essential part of modern parenting, its advanced GPS tracking offers a dynamic solution to ensure your child's safety at all times. The Parentaler location tracking feature assists parents in tracking their child's whereabouts accurately in real time. From parks to playgrounds, their GPS feature lets you monitor your child's movements seamlessly.

You can also review historical location data, making it easier to identify your child's frequent spots. This feature is highly beneficial in providing insight into their routines and patterns. By maintaining real-time updates and a history of locations, Parentaler empowers parents to keep their child's safety as a priority.

Parentaler's location tracking isn't limited to GPS monitoring. Its unique geofencing feature elevates child safety to the next level. As parents, you can define geographical boundaries, also known as 'safe zones.' You'll get instant alerts when your child enters or leaves these designated zones. Whether it's school, a friend's house, or a ballet class, you'll be able to set your desired boundaries with this geofencing feature.

Parentaler location tracking
Parentaler location tracking

The user-friendly interface allows you to customize the geofencing feature to best suit your family's needs. You can create multiple safe zones for various locations and tweak them as necessary. With this proactive alert system, you're always one step ahead in ensuring your child's safety.

Internet Filtering and App Blocking

Parentaler tracks the websites visited from the target device and allows parents to restrict any harmful resources by adding the link to the blacklist. The app also comes with a Wi-Fi connection blocker, which can shut off Internet access when a child's screen time exceeds the limit. Additionally, Parentaler gives parents the power to limit access to any apps installed on the target device.

Smart Alerts

Parentaler's smart alert system notifies parents about specific text messages, changes in location, search queries, and other device activities. These alerts can be received even without being logged into the app, providing parents with real-time updates about their child's digital activities.

Pricing and Compatibility

There are 3 Parentaler price options to suit your needs and budget. Choose from three subscription plans: monthly ($42.69/mo), 3-month ($24.40/mo), and yearly ($10.17/mo, billed at $121.99 instead of $199.99). Their model requires subscription to access its features and services, which can be renewed after each term.

Account Type Price
1 month $42.69 per month
3 months $24.40 per month
12 months $10.17 per month

Payment for a premium package can be made using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. Although there's no coupon or discount code field at checkout, all plans are already priced at a discount, offering value without the need for extra codes.

Here's the deal

There are no hidden fees with Parentaler. The subscription rates are transparent, but be aware of potential external fees related to your location, payment method, or specific feature requests.

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Installation and Setup

Setting up Parentaler is straightforward. The app uses a web-based algorithm, meaning you don’t need to install it on your own device. You simply sign up for an account, select the type of device your child uses, and then proceed with the installation steps. For iOS devices, Parentaler offers a no-jailbreak solution that requires only your child’s iCloud credentials for setup. For Android devices, one-time physical access is required.


Despite being a new player in the market, Parentaler has already demonstrated several advantages over similar apps. Its cross-platform compatibility, quick installation, quiet monitoring, and round-the-clock customer support make it a standout choice for parents. With its transparent pricing plans and a 14-day money-back guarantee, you can test the application risk-free. In summary, Parentaler is an exceptional remote monitoring app that combines high-end features and budget pricing to help ensure children’s safety wherever you are.

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Mark Harris - Parental control apps reviewer

Mark Harris

A concerned 46 year old father of 3, ages 16, 12 & 9, Computer scientist "As part of my parenting quest to keep my children safe in the online world, Ive researched and tested many parental control apps. I take great pride in contributing to other parents quests by sharing my reviews on Parental Control Now.
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  • Monitors calls, SMS, DMs
  • Fully Discreet and undetectable
  • Tracks and logs location
  • 24/7 support – Toll Free help line
4.6 out of 5

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