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Ease of Use

Supported Devices:

iOS, Android


  • User-friendly interface that's simple to navigate
  • Compatible with numerous devices
  • Real-time location tracking capabilities
  • Offers comprehensive insights into the target device's activities
  • Remote operation without the need for direct access to the device


  • Limited options for customer support
  • Absence of a complimentary trial period
  • Lacks parental control features, such as the ability to block specific websites or applications
Last Updated: June 1, 2024

Spynger Review 2023

Spynger, a top-rated spy app, has emerged as a leading tool for individuals who harbor suspicions about their partners' fidelity. This app is specifically designed to monitor the browsing histories and track the activities of users on messaging apps, positioning it as a reliable tool for those seeking to uncover potential cheating.

Spynger dashboard
Spynger dashboard

One of the standout features of Spynger is its ability to meticulously monitor browser history. This feature allows users to view all the websites their partner has visited, including the date and time of access. It proves particularly useful in detecting infidelity, as it can reveal visits to dating or adult content sites, which are often associated with cheating behavior.

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The ability to track messaging apps is another feature that sets Spynger apart from its competitors. If you suspect your partner is using apps like WhatsApp, Viber, or Skype to communicate with someone else, Spynger provides the evidence you need. It allows you to view conversations, call logs, and shared media files, offering a comprehensive insight into your partner's communication activities.

Whatsapp monitoring via Spynger
Whatsapp monitoring via Spynger

Spynger Installation and Usage

The ease of installation and use is another commendable aspect of Spynger. Once downloaded and installed on your partner's phone, you can access all the information remotely from your own device. This feature is particularly useful for individuals who want to monitor their partner's activities discreetly. The app operates silently in the background, without alerting the user of its presence, enabling real-time monitoring of their activities.

Despite its impressive features, Spynger is not without its drawbacks. The most significant of these is the potential invasion of privacy. While the app is designed to help users catch their cheating partners, it can be seen as an invasion of privacy if used without the other party's consent. This is a significant drawback that potential users should consider before deciding to use the app.

How does Spynger work?

Spynger operates by using advanced technology to monitor communication and activities on the device it's installed on. It captures data from the target phone, including the following:



Call logs

GPS location data

Browsing history

This data is then sent to Spynger’s secure servers where it can be accessed remotely from any web browser or smartphone. With Spynger’s powerful features, users can get real-time access to the target device’s location, track calls and text messages, view all emails, view all photos, and even listen in on conversations taking place near the target phone.

Spynger call monitoring
Spynger call monitoring

Cost Analysis

The cost of the premium subscription varies depending on the subscription length. The current Spynger price options are: $45.49/month for 1 month, $26/month for 3 months, and $10.03/month for 12 months.

Account Type Price
1 month $45.49 per month
3 months $26 per month
12 months $10.03 per month

Spynger also offers a 14-day money-back guarantee, allowing users to try the app before committing to a purchase.

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Installing Spynger on an Android or iPhone involves several steps. It's important to note that you need physical access to the target device for installation. The steps include purchasing a subscription, preparing the device, downloading the app, installing the app, setting up the app, and completing the setup. For iPhone users, Spynger offers a no-jailbreak version that relies on iCloud backups to monitor the device.


Spynger is an effective, easy-to-use spy app that can help you catch a cheating spouse. It’s user-friendly and provides real-time results on the monitored device with minimal effort from the end user. With its advanced features like geo-fencing and call recordings, it allows for more comprehensive tracking than other similar apps in the market. Whether you are looking to protect yourself against infidelity or simply want peace of mind knowing what your partner is doing while they’re away, Spynger has all the tools necessary to help you get there.

Overall, if you're looking for a way to gather evidence of suspicious behavior from your partner, Spynger is an app worth considering. However, it is essential to consider the potential privacy implications and the impact on your relationship before deciding to use this app. It is always advisable to communicate openly with your partner about your suspicions before resorting to such measures.

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