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Monitoring the internet to ensure the safety of children and families has become crucial in the year 2020. Despite their parents' best attempts, youngsters find ways to circumvent traditional filtering tools and internet surveillance. The software Spyrix was developed to give parents a robust safety option. Even though it is not the greatest alternative available, it still offers great features.

The software captures screenshots and records keystrokes related to specified events like URL changes and clipboard access. The clipboard can also be used to record content. The reports are sorted and arranged by keywords, date, and column names and are accessible to the Windows administrator. The wizard allows the user to keep track of only the users they choose. A password protects access to the interface.

Spyrix Social Media Monitoring:

Spyrix software is the solution for concerned parents who want to keep their children away from the perils of social media, as well as employers that want to ensure that their employees are not distracted during working hours. Invisible remote monitoring of user actions in real-time is available from Spyrix. Spyrix allows you to monitor Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype, Email, and other social media platforms.

Spyrix software for Android and iOS is a powerful tool that can monitor a wide range of messaging apps. Spy on Viber, WhatsApp, and Telegram messages. The software monitors what the user sends and receives on these apps and takes random screenshots of the conversations. It can also take screenshots when the user taps the “Send” button, allowing you to see whether someone has been stepping on toes while you're not looking.

Spyrix social media monitoring break down:

Social Network Android IOS PC/MAC
Facebook Yes Yes Yes
Instagram No No No
Snapchat Yes Yes No
Tinder No No No
Messenger Yes Yes Yes
WhatsApp Yes Yes No
Viber Yes Yes No
Messages Yes Yes Yes


How to Set Up Spyrix:

You can get any Spyrix program at any time by visiting spyrix.com/download.php. 

  • Click the “Download” button after selecting software. 
  • When the download is complete, double-click the downloaded file to begin the installation process. When the system prompts you, select “Yes.” 
  • Select a language. 
  • “Next” should be selected. Click “Next” after selecting “I accept the agreement.” 
  • Wait for the installation to complete before clicking “Install.” 
  • To finish the installation, click “Finish.” After that, the software will start automatically. 

The application will run the Settings Wizard when it has been installed. You can “Skip Wizard” if you don't want to configure any options. However, it is strongly advised that you do not skip this step and adjust all of the parameters. It will just take a few minutes to configure everything.

To allow online monitoring (through any web browser), check the box next to it. Enter your email address, then click “Next” when the application has checked it. To create your account, open a new window and click “Ok.” If you've followed all of the steps successfully, you should receive a message on the screen. Now go to your email and activate your account. When you click the account activation link, you'll be prompted to create a password for your account. You will receive the first data on your account in a few moments.

To go to Step 2 of the Wizard, click “Next.”

Create a password to activate the software and choose the Hotkeys to bring it up from hidden mode (or leave them as is) (not necessary). Set the resolution of your screenshots and when they should be taken. Choose which categories or websites should be blacklisted (not necessary).

Now choose which social networks and messengers you want to keep an eye on. Select whether or not the software will be hidden on the target computer and how it will be hidden. Also, make a list of all the users you wish to keep an eye on. Leave the “Start at Windows startup” option checked if you want the program to run automatically.

Spyrix Monitoring:

Employers and parents that use tracking applications for spying and monitoring walk a narrow line. Instead of businesses spying on their employees, the software claims to have been built as a tracking app for children. It's vital to note that the definition of spying is both ethically and legally debatable. The user must first install the software on a computer before utilizing it.

Using the software has several advantages. Because the software is free, parents will not have to worry about the cost of monitoring their children's computer activity. The software can also be used in conjunction with other systems to monitor and filter interns currently in use.

Spyrix Monitoring:

The Spyrix keylogger can be used to monitor children's internet communications. While online, the user can ensure that their children are not engaging in unsafe or inappropriate activities. Parents can spot cyberbullying by listening in on talks between their children and their pals.

The Spyrix keylogger is a free program that allows you to monitor your computer remotely. The software can be used on a computer for free for an infinite period. Without direct access to the computer, programs can be removed and settings updated. This is due to the software's ability to provide free cloud-based remote monitoring. Remote log distribution to FTP, DropBox, Google Drive, and email is also possible with the software.

The Spyrix software interface can be used in 12 different languages. The free program comes with a variety of functions that are meant for personal use. The keylogger will record and monitor every installed program and application operating on the computer and screenshots of every active window, removable drives such as SSDs, HDDs, and USB drives, as well as the printer keystrokes and clipboards.

Spyrix Employee Monitoring

Spyrix Employee Monitoring is a simple cloud-based employee monitoring software that allows businesses and organizations to record, monitor, and manage their employees' computer activity in real-time. The software is necessary to evaluate staff productivity, prevent commercial information leakage, and protect users from many forms of online security risks.

Employee monitoring software from Spyrix includes systems for tracking staff login, logout, and idle times and analyzing employee productivity. The software can all record employees' computer screens, keystrokes, visited websites, social media activities, application usage, and chat messages. It also performs data-collecting operations in response to user requests, such as taking snapshots with a web camera and enabling video and audio recording. 

Furthermore, Spyrix Employee Monitoring notifies users when specified keywords are printed and allows them to disable programs.

The Spyrix Free Keylogger:

The software allows the user to keep track of all keystrokes. Everything that has been typed on the computer will be visible to the user. The software gives the user access to the passwords that youngsters use for various activities, such as email and social networking. To observe what is happening on the computer, the user can have screenshots generated at specified intervals. This guarantees that the computer is used correctly.

Parental Help:

The software gives parents complete control over all of their children's activities. Any online website activity, online chats, and Google searches fall under this category. A combination of text and screenshots is used to convey control. Spyrix keylogger allows parents to activate the software for free to use many capabilities, including concealed surveillance.

Facebook, Skype, Viber, websites viewed, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Telegram can all be monitored by parents. The software includes URL recording and monitoring, microphone and webcam recordings, a site blocker, and much more.

The keylogger offers the same features as some of the more expensive products now on the market. Antivirus software is unable to detect the software because it is not visible.

According to the manufacturer, the software is an excellent choice for personal computer security and parental supervision—the software aids in protecting youngsters from potentially harmful information found on the internet. Additionally, the software prevents unwanted access to the machine.

Spyrix Pros and Cons


  • Simple to use and set up
  • Recording URLs
  • Keystroke control
  • Available through the Mac App Store
  • Other Mac tracking programs are more expensive
  • Hidden mode
  • Uninstalling is a breeze.
  • Support various operating systems
  • Invisible program folder and completely concealed mode
  • Access to unwelcome websites is restricted
  • Words on a Black List are blocked
  • Options for delivering several logs
  • Categorized data
  • Flexible screenshot settings
  • Sound recording with a microphone
  • Webcam recording


  • Subscriptions are renewable
  • Remote installation is not available
  • Mouse clicks and credentials for logging into the system are not saved

Mobile Compatibility:

Spyrix keylogger is compatible with all versions of Windows (Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinServer, WinVista x64, WinXP, Windows 8) and Microsoft Windows 10. There's also mSpy, which works on both Android and iOS devices.

With mSpy, you can spy on text messages, GPS positions, call data, photographs, Facebook, Whatsapp, browser activities, and more.


Employee Monitoring Plans from Spyrix can be on the expensive side, The Windows version costs $149 while the Mac version costs $179. There is a free version available, though. You can try out their free trial.


This keylogger is one of the most reliable remote computer surveillance apps available. With the aid of this comprehensive covert tool, you may successfully achieve the goals of employee surveillance and parental control. It seamlessly blends the functionality of a high-end product with ease of use and simplicity. 

Best Spying Apps

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  • Location tracking and geofencing available 
  • Monitor calls, SMS and some apps


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  • Social Media monitoring focused
  • Very affordable
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  • 30+ popular apps monitored
  • Review complete browsing history
  • Set to receive automatic or real-time updates
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  • Monitor the most popular social media apps 
  • Email monitoring
Very Good
  • Monitor calls, texts, social media accounts, and emails as well as other important platforms
  • AI Phone Guard For Parents and Employers – GPS location tracking, browsing history monitoring and social monitoring.
  • Only available for Android devices, track all calls and texts, including the deleted ones
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