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FamilyKeeper Login

Seeking a swift method to reach your FamilyKeeper FamilyKeeper account? You're at the perfect spot.

We'll equip you with every detail necessary to sign in to your account, reset your password, and use your account across various devices. Our clear and convenient guidance will enable you to breeze through the FamilyKeeper login process.

Let's begin!

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Login Page

Take note: FamilyKeeper, prioritizing simplicity and security, has opted not to provide a login page accessible through a browser. This means if you've taken the step to sign up for an account, there is a distinct method to gain access to your profile.

FamilyKeeper login screen
FamilyKeeper login screen

Instead of using a traditional website login interface, you're required to use the specialized admin app that you've installed on your smartphone. This mobile-first approach is not only more direct but also ensures that you have the ability to manage your FamilyKeeper account conveniently at your fingertips, wherever you are.

How to Login?

For entry into your FamilyKeeper account, you must supply your login credentials - your email address and password. Just input these data points into the corresponding fields on the login screen, and you'll gain access to your account and its functionalities. It's as straightforward as that to navigate your FamilyKeeper account.

FamilyKeeper Account for Logging In

In order to utilize the FamilyKeeper login feature within the app, you must already own a FamilyKeeper account. The login interface is particularly tailored for users with active accounts, allowing them access to a suite of monitoring tools. If an account hasn't been established yet, you'll need to create one before accessing the FamilyKeeper sign-in screen.

Registration is straightforward - input your email address and password, establish your child's profile with their name and birth year, and install the app on your child's mobile device. Once these steps are complete, your account will be active, enabling you to begin supervising their online activities immediately!

Still don't have a FamilyKeeper account? You can quickly open one right here:
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Resetting Your FamilyKeeper Login Password

Misplaced your FamilyKeeper login information or feel the need to alter it for safety purposes? No need for concern! Resetting it is a breeze with these steps:

  1. Navigate to the login interface through the FamilyKeeper app.
  2. Locate the "Forgot Your Password?" option at the screen's base.
  3. Tap on the link and input the email id linked to your account.
  4. Keep an eye on your inbox for a password reset link dispatched by FamilyKeeper.
  5. Follow the link and adhere to the instructions to reset your password.
  6. Opt for a fresh, robust, and unique password.
  7. Make sure to save this new password for subsequent logins to your account.
FamilyKeeper forgot password form
FamilyKeeper forgot password form

Bear in mind:

Should the password reset email not appear, ensure you check your spam or junk folder. If the password reset process still poses issues, feel free to reach out to the support team for guidance. They stand ready to assist in regaining access to your account!

Changing Your Login Email

Altering the email linked to your FamilyKeeper login might seem complex, given its crucial role in uniquely recognizing your account. A change could potentially cause misunderstandings or complexities regarding your account data.

Should a modification of your email address be necessary, their customer service team is always available to help. They can walk you through the process, clarifying any doubts or queries you may have related to the email change.

Multiple Device Login

FamilyKeeper permits convenient account access across multiple devices, although it's limited to tablets or smartphones compatible with the app, as web browser access isn't supported.

For the sake of safeguarding your login information, refrain from disclosing them to others. Also, it's advisable to log out after using shared or public devices and avoid unsecured public Wi-Fi networks.

Quick tip:

Should you encounter any difficulties or have queries about multi-device access, your go-to solution is to contact the customer support team for guidance.

Mobile App Login

To utilize any FamilyKeeper mobile applications including the FamilyKeeper child app (FamilyKeeper Kids), the login credentials used during your web platform registration must be employed. Hence, if an account has been established online, the same login data can be used for the mobile app access.

Upon attempting to log into the app, you'll be asked to input your email address and password. Be mindful to keep your login details secure and avoid disclosing them to others. By adhering to these simple steps, you'll gain quick and secure access to your account via your mobile device.

Just remember to keep your login credentials safe and not share them with anyone else. With these easy steps, you'll be able to access your FamilyKeeper account from your mobile device quickly and securely.

Number of Login Attempts

Here’s the thing:

Our extensive trials revealed that FamilyKeeper imposes a cap on login attempts. If incorrect credentials are continuously entered, a maximum of 5 subsequent attempts are permitted before an error message - "Too many requests" - is displayed.

Too many login attempts on FamilyKeeper
Too many login attempts on FamilyKeeper

In case you're experiencing difficulties accessing your account, verify that you're entering your login details accurately and meticulously. Should you have forgotten your password, employ the "Forgot password" feature to reset it and reclaim access to your account.

Using Google Account to Login

FamilyKeeper presently allows you to log in using your Google account. However, this is only allowed if your initial sign-up was completed with your Google credentials.

FamilyKeeper login via Google
FamilyKeeper login via Google

Employing this approach ensures the security of your FamilyKeeper login, guaranteeing continuous accessibility to the platform whenever required.

Worried about your child's online security? Begin with setting up a FamilyKeeper parental control account here:
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