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SaferKid Review 2023


Protect your kids online – that is what SaferKid promises to deliver. From adult content blocking to text monitoring, it has a wide range of features that will provide you with peace of mind. When you cannot be next to your kids, it does a great job of monitoring their online activities so that you can be confident that they stay safe and sound. SaferKid has three main features, all of which can be enjoyed with your subscription plan. SaferText allows you to monitor text messages. With Parental Superpowers, on the other hand, you can automatically block age-inappropriate websites. Meanwhile, with SaferAlert, you will receive instant alerts on some apps, especially those that contain themes related to violence.

Admittedly, SaferKid is not as popular as other parental control apps. Nonetheless, this should not give you the reason to forget about this app. Keep on reading the rest of this SaferKid review and we’ll help you decide if this is a good choice or if you should look up other monitoring apps.

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SaferKid Set Up

One of the best things about the SaferKid app is that the set-up is a snap. You can do so by just completing three steps! Within a few minutes, it is ready to monitor your child’s online activities!

  1. After downloading the app, you have to enter the name and birthdate of your child. This will define the age-specific coverage that the app will carry out.
  2. Follow the instruction on how to set-up the account. Connect the device that you would like to monitor. You need to install it both on the child and parent devices to start monitoring.
  3. Use the app and take advantage of its many features. There’s a seamless dashboard, so you don’t have to worry about its ease of use.

Filtering, Blocking, and Monitoring

The main feature Safer kid promotes is the app rating service that lets parents know if the apps their kids are using on their devices are inappropriate for age or content.

Text Message Monitoring

With this breakthrough feature, you can see who your child is texting and what they are talking about. You can do it remotely by accessing your child’s text messages, you can act quickly when there are issues of bullying, violence, or sexual harassment, among others. You can also see details about the recipient, such as contact number.

Phone Call History

If you want to know who your child has been talking to, then SaferKid has you covered. You can see the contact information of the person on the other end, as well as details like time and duration of the call. However, take note that this feature is exclusive to Android users.

Web Browsing History and Blocking

Taking a peek at the web browsing history of kids is one way to have an idea about their interests and behaviors. If they are viewing websites with themes you find inappropriate, you can talk to them. More than just viewing web browsing history, there is also an option to automatically block adult websites.

Screen Time Management

While SaferKid has no option to disable the entire device after a certain period, you can manage apps based on the time they are allowed and not allowed. For instance, you can specify a sleep and wake up time for third-party apps, making sure that kids won’t be using them longer than what they are allowed to.

App Review

Using the SaferKid mobile app, you can quickly assess more than 200,000 apps. Apps are displayed in two categories – age-inappropriate apps and apps you should be aware of. The reports are customized based on your child’s age. When you click on the app, you can see the risk rating, which is either high or low. There is an icon that shows the risk of each app, such as bullying, sex crime, and meeting strangers, among other things. You can also visit their website and read comprehensive reviews of the most popular apps.

Pros and Cons

To help you further evaluate the potential of SaferKid parental control, here is a look at some of its benefits and potential drawbacks.



Mobile Support

For Android users, SaferKid is also compatible. The minimum requirement is Android 4.1. Make sure to update your software as often as possible to make the most out of every app on the phone, not just SaferKid. There are some apps that you can enjoy only for Android, such as phone call monitoring.

If you have an iPhone, then you can use SaferKid without worries. Aside from iPhones, it will also monitor iPods and iPads. The minimum operating system requirement for SaferKid for iPhone is iOS v11.4.1.

Location Tracking

Aside from the online activities of children, you can also use this app to monitor their location. This means that you will always be in the know of where they are, especially if they are not responding to your calls and texts. Even better, you can set a geofence. You will receive immediate alerts once your kid is beyond the location specified.

Time Management

Mobile Fence will also allow you to monitor the screen time of kids and limit such accordingly. Depending on their age, follow the recommended number of hours children are supposed to be spending in front of screens. You can set daily limits, which will be different each day of the week. This means that you can set a longer limit during the days they do not have to go to school.


SaferKid costs $199.99 for a year. This can be quite expensive for some people, but given its features and benefits, every dollar will be worth it. This price is inclusive of all the premium features available and covers all devices as well. You can opt out anytime before the next renewal see their FAQ for more specific info. There is no contract, so you can opt out anytime. Otherwise, your subscription will be automatically renewed. Make sure to cancel before the expiration of your current plan to avoid being charged for the next cycle.

We have seen a lot of cheaper parental control apps on the market, which can be perfect for parents who are on a budget. To add, it would have been better if there is an option for monthly plans for fewer devices, which could have made it more affordable.

If this is an expensive solution check out our selection of free parental control apps and their reviews.


As noted in this SaferKid app review, this is a solid parental monitoring tool. Whether it is text monitoring, app blocking, or screen time management, it has some good features that can provide peace of mind to parents. However, some might find it to be quite expensive and also missing some of the most important features in parental control software, such as location tracking and social media monitoring.

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