How to Catch Cheating Text Messages and Read Deleted Messages

November 1, 2022

In this world of uncertainties, it is tough to maintain relationships. Managing your partner's expectations is even more complex when loyalty comes into the picture. You never know when the people you love may turn their backs on you and betray you. In this guide, you will learn how to read your spouse's deleted messages and catch a cheater.

 Being cheated on feels like the ultimate betrayal and can destroy even the strongest among us. It is essential to be firm and find the best possible way to deal with this situation.

 Are you having suspicions about your partner cheating? especially when they are always on their phone? Are they making lame excuses to come home late?

 Nevertheless, the easiest way to deal with this situation is to check their phones when they are not around! And then confront them if you find anything suspicious!

 However, in this era of modern technology and the Internet, everyone knows how to lock their smartphones. Or even worse, they are clever enough to delete any messages they might have on their phones.

Then how do you catch a cheater? If you have suspicions, want to spy on your spouse, and don't know how to view deleted text messages on their phones, don't worry! With technological advancement, various tools allow you to view deleted texts.

It has the potential to save your life from financial catastrophe, as we all know how costly divorce is. It will give you an advantage over your cheating spouse and provide convincing evidence to present in court.

To uncover all the indications of a cheating partner, use this comprehensive article. It also provides you with content on how to catch them off guard by reviewing their deleted text messages.

How to Catch a Cheater

There are various methods to spy on one another using spy tracker apps. However, before you start raising suspicions and start spying on them, it is better to gather clues from everyday life that may suggest that they are cheating on you.

Start looking for indications if you feel your partner is cheating. Every relationship has its own set of cheating indicators, but a few are generally acknowledged.

A cheating partner is more likely to be unavailable during specific periods. Your relationship's sexual aspect will also undergo apparent changes. Your partner may be having sex somewhere else if you're having less or are trying out different sexual practices among yourselves.

Moreover, you can keep a journal about their daily activities and ask them where they are and what they do every day. Most people forget about the minute details they have lied about, and, therefore, it is easy to catch a liar if you keep a record of them in your journal as proof.

Maybe you can give a surprise visit to their workplace, or you can come home at unexpected times. However, your partner may feel uncomfortable that you are invading their privacy, or they may be aware of what you're trying to do. So, they will start acting more elusive.

Whatever you choose to do, it is important to remember that spying on someone's phone and invading their privacy, whether it is your spouse or partner, may be illegal depending on where you live. So, it is best to take precautions before you opt for such risks.

You can begin looking into strategies to recover their deleted text messages once you've taken note of the legal aspects of the situation and their actions.

Let's look at how message deletion works on smartphones before we jump into catching deleted texts. 

How Does Message Deletion Work?

Text messages are saved as data packages on the SIM card. All that happens when you delete a text message is that the appearance of your inbox folder changes. It just instructs your phone to display data differently.

Digital copies of the erased data, on the other hand, are kept until a set length of time has passed, or the data is overwritten with newer data.

The data on your phone becomes inactive and can be replaced with newer content. This is why you can recover deleted text messages from your deceitful companion.

How To Retrieve Deleted Texts Messages

You may have seen others hire detectives to spy on their spouses and gather evidence of cheating.

This can be an expensive choice involving a third party. However, if you want to take matters into your own hands and are determined to find out whether your partner is cheating on you, then there are various methods where you can retrieve deleted messages from their phone. It is up to you to decide which strategy is best for you.

Method 1 [Recommended] : Use Spy apps or Parental control software

Parental control software allows you to keep an eye on your children. They effectively fall into the same category as espionage software. These apps make it simple to spy on your partner.

There are numerous spy and parental control software available right now. These apps give you complete control over your unfaithful partner's phone.

At the touch of a button, you'd be able to track and record vital data. Another significant benefit of such software is that it may be used at any place and time. 

For example, the mSpy phone app is a brilliant monitoring tool to view and track someone's activities on an Android/iPhone. You can see their call logs, messages, GPS, and Whatsapp and Facebook activities in real-time.

Parental Control software is similar as they also offer to track activities on a phone, tablet, or computer. You can buy the software or try their free trial version to decide whether it is adequate to keep an eye on your spouse's phone activities.

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Method 2: Google Drive Backup

For many, Google Drive backups are a lifesaver. Google Drive automatically backs up all your photos, videos, and messages, so you never lose your cherished moments. Nevertheless, this feature could be used to watch out for betrayal in your relationship.

If your spouse is an Android user, retrieving deleted messages from their Google Drive backup is excellent. All you need to do is connect the phone to your computer using a USB device and access the Google Drive Backup file.

Usually, messages and files are backed up for Whatsapp, Messenger, and other apps. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using Google Backup.

  •     Keep in mind that if your spouse does not have a Google Drive backup, then the chance of retrieving their deleted text messages may not be possible.
  •     If they don't have a backup folder, you can turn this feature on in their phone by going to the Settings tab, choosing the Connected devices option, and selecting “Back up now.”

Method 3: iCloud Backup

If your spouse has an iPhone, you can use their iCloud Backup to recover past correspondence. Typically, iCloud backs up old images, videos, and texts on the iPhone automatically.

  •     You just have to open settings on their phone, go to iCloud, and select “Manage Storage” and “Backups.”
  •     However, the catch is that you have to restore the iPhone to access the backup files. There is no way around it, and your spouse may easily figure out that you have restored their phone.
  •     Another way to access iCloud is to connect the iPhone to your computer and select “Restore iPhone.”

This will wipe out all the current content, and you will be able to select the date from which you want to back up all the data on the phone. You will then be able to view everything that you have chosen.

Method 4: SMS Backup and Restore for Android

You can download the SMS Backup and Restore app on your spouse's Android phone. This is a free alternative to other text recovery apps for Android users. You can download it and connect your own Google account to back up the files. Then you can enjoy and see all the text messages on their phone from your account.

This is not recommended because this app does not stay hidden on the phone, please be cautious because your spouse may easily discover this app on their phone.


Method 5: Use Data Recovery Software

Let's suppose you don't have a backup of your info on your phone. Then what are your options for recovering the deleted messages?

In this modern world, there is always a solution to everything. There are many data recovery software for iOS and Android that allows backup and recovery of deleted messages from different social media apps.

You have to download the suitable data recovery software for iOS or Windows, connect your spouse's phone to your computer using a USB cable, and click on the “Data Recovery” option.

This software will scan the phone and recover deleted and existing data such as messages, photos/videos, files, call history, etc., from the phone.

Some of the renowned phone data recovery software for Android users are ‘dr. fone' and ‘fonelab', and for iPhone users, ‘dr. fone' and ‘iMyFone D-Back'.

Most of this recovery software allows the recovery of old text messages, call logs, photos, and WhatsApp chat history.

If you're thinking about trying other data recovery tools, read the reviews first. You should also try out trial software versions before purchasing these products, as they can be costly.



We know how much it hurts to feel cheated on by the person you love the most. However, if your suspicions are incorrect and your spouse is innocent, then spying on them may break their trust and break down your relationship.

It's also possible that your spouse is displaying signals of infidelity but isn't doing it. Humans tend to overthink things and jump to conclusions without any evidence or reasoning. In some ways, spyware might assist you in eradicating suspicious thoughts by providing proof and putting your mind at ease.

Yet, we strongly advise that you should sit down and talk to your partner about your feelings before you make any drastic decisions to spy on your partner. And on the off-chance you do get caught, let them know why you snooped around their phones and how this has led to you taking these drastic steps.

It is illegal to spy on other people's messages in some states, and you can be held responsible if your spouse finds out. 

Make your decision in a calm and collected state of mind. In a nutshell, be cautious and wise. In severe cases, instead of employing a third-party such as a private investigator, use discreet spy software to catch your unfaithful spouse.


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If you answered yes, don't underestimate the impact on your partner. Cheating can provide the idea that it is OK or just part of “regular life.” You should also watch your partner spending time with known cheaters, especially on nights out.

It's not a good idea to try to manage your spouse completely, but they should be attentive to your worries. If this pattern of behavior persists, the cheater will be exposed to further irregularities.

Yes, openness, honesty, and the absence of dishonesty are vital for long-term intimacy and relationship success, as they are in all aspects of Long-Term Love Relationships (LTLRs). However, there are particular factors to consider when answering this question.


The first and most catastrophic scenario is when the betrayed partner is completely unaware of an ongoing or just ended affair. The second scenario is how open and honest the betrayed partner should be when learning about or suspecting infidelity.

They are highly likely to cheat again! Unless they accept responsibility for their mistake and truly work on themself. Also if both partners work hard on their parts of the difficulties in their Long-Term Love Relationships (LTLR).

Performing this personal and interpersonal work enhances the possibility that the individual will never cheat again since they are no longer willing to sacrifice their integrity or their relationship.

As their LTLR will be so strong due to this work, and both partners will feel so pleased and cherished in the relationship, neither will consider nor be vulnerable to straying.

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