The Ultimate Guide to Twitch for Kids

Esther Bailey,

Esther Bailey

December 1, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Twitch: Is It Safe for Kids?

Twitch is a live streaming service that people use every day to interact, chat, and entertain. These entertainers on Twitch are known as streamers or broadcasters.

If you are not clear about the concept, think of it like YouTube, but instead of any pre-recorded videos being uploaded, anything you post here is live. It is widely known among people for its entertainment purpose.

Initially, it started with live online game streaming. But now Twitch has expanded to many more options including cooking shows, baking, live music, classics, politics, travel, and so on!

To know more about Twitch, go through the article we provided below!

What You Need to Know about Twitch

Starting in 2011, Twitch has been acting as an American live video streaming service. It is operated by an Inc. subsidiary called Twitch Interactive.

People use it to watch live streams and make comments in real-time. This makes them feel involved with the content creators. Twitch comes with both paid and free versions. The free version is similar to the paid one, except the paid one can block ads and more storage.

All of these make it a safe place for kids to enjoy and cancel out any question related to:

Is Twitch safe for 9 year old's?

To know more, continue reading the article below.

Why are Kids Fond of Twitch?

Twitch is very popular among kids. Twitch has live stream options that allow the kids to enjoy the live experience. The whole thing takes place live, as a result, the kids remain excited as anything may happen at any time!

There's more...

Kids can also use Twitch for interacting with other people. They can also use this feature to interact with their favorite streamers. They can also listen to their favorite e-sports competition broadcasts through Twitch.

Apart from all these, Twitch is a great platform to learn new stuff every day. Be it a new hobby or a game, the kids are eager to learn from watching.

Is Twitch Safe for 9 Years Old's?

No matter how good an app’s reputation is, parents remain concerned if it is good for their kids. The parents worry about the contents their kids have access to, as it directly affects their growth and behavior!

The safety concern of parents regarding Twitch are further discussed below:

Adult Content

Due to the spontaneous nature of Twitch, it becomes difficult to filter out inappropriate content. So, there is a high possibility of your kid getting exposed to any adult language or content.

Twitch has strict scrutiny towards hate speech and cyberbullying. Recently they have launched a new guideline on putting down hateful speech and sexual harassment. Resulting in clearing the doubt of parents that still wonder, is Twitch safe for 9 year old's?


People can type texts in a chat window appearing in the streamer's video. Everyone including the viewers and the streamer can see these comments. There is also a section for direct messages called whispers that can only be seen by two people involved in the conversation!

So, predators can take advantage of this loophole and text your kid inappropriate messages. In that case, if somebody asks, is Twitch safe for 9 year old's? The answer would probably be a “No”.

Coercive Persuasion to Spend Money

There are a lot of donations and subscriptions that pop up when you are surfing through Twitch. There is a high possibility of your kid tapping on one of these donations or subscriptions subconsciously.

Keep in mind

You must be careful when you are exploring content on Twitch. Otherwise, you will end up losing a significant amount of money.

How to Set Up Safeguards?

Parents need to remove their doubts about the lingering question: is Twitch safe for 10 year old's? And for that, the kids must set up safeguards to protect their kids from any inappropriate or vulgar content.

Parents can set up safeguards for their kids in the following ways and get the answer to the question: is Twitch safe for 10 year old's?

Chat Filters

Even though the community guideline of Twitch has set the behavior expectation for their services you can still make some changes at your convenience. You can customize the viewing experience according to your preferred content.

This chat filter option is used by the viewer side to control the use of potentially harmful language. That makes this a safe place for the kids leaving no room for questions like is Twitch safe for 9 year old's?

Stream Moderation

The stream moderation feature filters out all the negative comments and the setting can be easily changed from the Creator dashboard. By customizing the feature according to your need you can tackle the question: is Twitch safe for 12 year old's?

How to Make Twitch a Safe Place for Kids

It is very essential to make Twitch a safe place for kids. By following the steps mentioned below you can materialize the safety for your kids:


Co-Watching with your kids is one of the best ways to spend quality time and keep an eye on what they watch at the same time. In that way, you can know what channels your kids are subscribing to and what they like!

According to Twitch’s terms and conditions, the kids should be between 13 years old to 18 years old with parental supervision to be on Twitch. As a result, you can say yes if someone asks: is Twitch safe for 10 year olds?

Not Interested Option

Twitch provides recommendations according to your watch history. So, the kind of videos you watch will have an impact on what videos will be shown to you in the future.

On the other hand, if you click on not interested”, a similar type of content will be removed from your suggestion. This can also be a way to filter out the contents your kids will see. Hence, if anyone ever asks: is Twitch safe for 10 year old's? You can proudly say, yes!

Age below 18

Opening an account with an age below 18 will help you filter out sexual and other flagged content as you explore. They will suggest videos that are kid-friendly and not violent.

This helps in protecting your kid from getting exposed to the dark side of the internet. You don’t have to necessarily write the right age while opening the account. You can write your kids are below 18 even if they are older, as you get the benefits to secure a place for your kid.

Blocking Whispers

Using Twitch your kid can talk with strangers and interact with them regularly. These strangers can also be predators, so to protect your kid from any such mishap you can block these whispers.

To block these whispers, first, go to the settings then click on Security and Privacy. There you will find an option to block whispers, tap on that and you are all set. You can ensure the most commonly asked question: is Twitch safe for 9 year old's?

Setting Screen Time Limits

The streaming on Twitch goes daylong and the urge to watch all of these live streams among kids can be irresistible. So, to maintain a balance you should set a time limit for how long your kid can use the electronic device.

You can also take help from various parental control apps to set the time limit and track their activities online.

Blocking Strangers

Some strangers you come across on the internet can be weird. So, it’s better to block them before it leads to any mishaps. To block someone, you need to click on their name and you will see a block and report option.

Click on either of them and these strangers will be removed from your account. In this way, you can make it safer for your kids to explore. Hence, we can answer back if someone asks: is Twitch safe for 9 year old's?

Keeping Bank Account Detail a Secret

Most importantly, you shouldn’t share your bank credentials with your kids. They should not have access to it at any cost.

This step will help you prevent a lot of mishaps from happening and protect your child. So, if you think: is Twitch safe for 12 year old's? You can make it safe for your kids by taking the necessary steps!

How to Avoid Online Pitfalls?

It is important to learn and teach your kids as well how to avoid these online pitfalls. To help you understand better about this concept we have provided a few ways that can help you avoid these pitfalls.

Dares and Challenges

Some dares and challenges are thrown randomly in the live sessions. Even though they might seem harmless you should try to avoid these dares. So, if you ask yourself: is Twitch safe for 9 year old's? You will have the answer!

Donation Scams

Most streamers don’t have a built-in way to accept donations as they are neither affiliates nor partners. However, by using various third parties donation scams can be arranged.

Scammers use a particular command that shows fake donation notifications in the chat and confuses the new streamers. Many people ask themselves: is Twitch safe for 12 year old's? Yes, it can be if you tend to avoid these scams!


There are some malicious users on the internet that mimic the identity of other people and pretend to be them on the internet. These people will go to any extent to make themselves look authentic.

This impersonation got a lot of parents thinking: is Twitch safe for 12 year old's? They do this mostly, to siphon donations that were meant for the streamer or steal passwords.

Link Scams

Several malicious links are created and spread out in the comment box of the streamers. These links are used to:

Scam people

Steal their personal information

Phishing schemes

So the best practice is to avoid any such links that look suspicious. You must also avoid clicking on any link that was sent to you by any unknown use.

Spam Bots

There are a huge number of spam bots sending out large volumes of ads and unwanted content. To stop this you can enable the followers-only chat. This allows only your followers to text you. You can also report these bots, the safety team will take care of it.

Personal Details

You must be very careful about the details you share on the internet. You must teach your kid not to share any personal details including:


Full name


Phone number

Bank details

Your kid should get used to these from a very early stage of their life. In that way, you can help them create a safe environment around them. So, if you wonder: is Twitch safe for 12 year old's? You can be rest assured, it is!

Bringing Down the Curtains on Twitch

Being a total live platform, Twitch can be quite interesting for kids. But there is a possibility of getting exposed to adult content anytime. So, take your time with it and watch a few live streams with your kids.

Monitor the activities and behavior of your kid online and make decisions accordingly. Check out the channels they watch most frequently and what kind of content is aired there. In another word, with few preventive measures and staying cautious it is possible to get a pleasant experience using Twitch.


Is it possible to communicate with others via Twitch?

Yes, you can talk in the comment section or even in direct messages known as whispers.

Do you need money to use Twitch?

It is a free app but to tackle the question: is Twitch safe for 9 year old's, you can get the paid version and block out all unwanted ads and content.

Is there any age restriction?

Twitch is recommended for kids above 13-year old under the supervision of parents.

Does Twitch have proactive detection?

To answer questions like: is Twitch safe for 12 year old's? They have added a proactive detection tool.

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