The Ultimate Review on Fake Calculator Apps

November 1, 2022
Fake Calculator Apps

The curious minds of kids lead them to explore more and more on the internet. They become more tech-savvy and deal with new apps and technologies very often. Despite this being a part of growth, some parents become concerned about their kids' safety. 

As we all know how dangerous this online era can get, parents are trying their best to monitor their kids and assure their safety! However, some kids understand their parent’s concern and some get infuriated as their privacy is being invaded. 

At this age, these kids seek privacy, be it for hiding their report cards or any information they don’t want to share with someone else. But, if they feel their privacy no longer prevails they opt for other ways that can be dangerous in the long run. Many kids are using calculator vault apps to hide pictures, videos, and files they don’t want others to have access to. 

If you are concerned about your kid using one of these, give this article a read! We have provided the ultimate guide to spotting the fake calculator app, how to prevent your kid from using one, and how to hack these apps in this article for you! 

What is a Fake Calculator App? 

Fake calculator apps are secret smartphone app that helps you hide pictures, videos, and files on your smartphones. It is also known as a calculator vault app. 

These apps are designed in a way that looks like a real calculator while secretly serving its purpose. This camouflage feature of the fake calculator app makes it hard to distinguish from the original one. 

A Fake Calculator


It is hard to recognize between a real calculator and a calculator vault app at first glance. As the fake calculator apps are designed to look like real ones it allows simple calculations as well. 

These apps are famous among people because of their disguising characteristics. They use it to hide any compromising files or pictures that would cause a catastrophe if it comes into the hands of other people. 

So, they upload secret pictures, videos, and files in these calculator vault apps hidden by a password. After providing the password you can have access to the secret files. You have to establish the password at the time of setting up the app. 

Why do Kids Use Fake Calculator Apps? 

Most parents are cautious about keeping their kids safe. So, they tend to monitor the activities of their kids. As a natural consequence, these kids feel their privacy is being violated. 

Hence, they opt for these fake calculator apps that allow them to hide their pictures and files that they don’t want others to see. Even adults feel the need to use these apps to hide pictures from their camera rolls. 

Usually, the kids are seen searching for calculator hide app download on their play store or browsing history. At some point, everybody feels the need for privacy, but when they are being deprived of it they opt for such measures. 

Often the files that are stored in these fake calculator app Android are mostly nudes or screenshots of sexting. Nowadays, it has become very common to send or receive a sext. 

So, young people tend to use fake calculator app Android to secretly store inappropriate pictures, contacts they don’t want others to find, and even apps they use for sexts. 


Are These Fake Calculator Apps Safe? 

It is questionable if the fake calculator apps are safe or not! Even though these apps promise to provide services for hiding pictures, texts, videos, and files, some of them try to steal your information as well. 

In the same way, if the calculator hide app download, is done from any unauthorized source it can be full of viruses. These viruses can spread all over your phone and cause many other problems. 

Kids use these apps to hide photo albums and other files they don’t want others to see, but this is not safe behavior. All experts discourage people from trusting and relying on these apps! 

Best Methods to Spot a Fake Calculator App 

Several ways will guide you on how to spot fake calculator app. We have discussed some of the best and easy ways for you below! 

  • App Store and Google Play Store 

First things first, check the app store and google play store if any calculator apps were downloaded before. If you see a calculator hide app download, that’s a sign that your kid is using a fake calculator app. 

You can also check the search history if they ever looked for tutorials on how to spot fake calculator apps. If you see any such kind of searches, it’s clear that they have been looking up these fake calculator app Android on the internet. 

Moreover, you can just search by these phrases: fake calculator app Android, vault calculators, fake calculators, etc. on the search bar. A lot of vault calculator apps will show up. So, you just need to scroll through the list and see if any of them are downloaded or not! 

If it’s already downloaded, you will see an uninstall option beside the apps. To further make sure to check the reviews of the app. 

browsing Apps on App Store

  • The Number of Calculator Apps on Smartphones 

Another common way to figure out a calculator hide app download is by seeing the number of calculators the user has on their device. Usually, all the devices have a built-in calculator for their users. So, if there is more than one of these apps, it does look suspicious! 

So if you see your kid has more than one calculator app, that means one of them is a fake calculator app android. They are using this calculator hide app download to hide pictures, videos, or files that they are not supposed to have. 

  • Memory Size of the App 

As a fake calculator app Android is made to look and function like a real calculator it can be very hard to distinguish between them. So, you might wonder how to spot fake calculator app. 

In that case, you can check the file size of the calculator. Usually, the file size of a normal calculator is not that large. So, if you see a calculator with a file size of more than 30Mb, understand it is one of those fake calculator apps. 

As these vault calculator apps already contain some files, pictures, and videos it is bigger. In this way, you can easily find out if there is any fake calculator app on your kid's device. 

How to Spot a Fake Calculator App iPhone? 

As these calculator apps can be installed on iPhone devices, you must learn how to spot a fake calculator app. By following the steps mentioned below you can spot if the app is installed on an iPhone! 

  • First, go to the Settings of your iPhone  
  • Then go to general and tap on iPhone Storage  
  • There you can see which app takes up how much space 
  • Compare the file size of both of the calculator apps and the one with the bigger file size is the fake calculator app. 


How to Spot Fake Calculator App Android? 

To figure out if any Fake calculator app Android has been downloaded to your kid's Android device or not, follow the steps mentioned below: 

  • First, go to the settings of your Android device 
  • Then go to Apps and search both of the calculator apps 
  • You can see the file sizes of both of the calculator apps 
  • The one that has a bigger file size is the vault app 

Ways to Prevent Your Kids from Using a Fake Calculator App 

Now that we have discussed so far, we pretty much know the reasons why children opt for these vault apps. But on the other hand, these kids are unaware of how dangerous these apps can be. 

The secret information they store in these apps can be stolen by the app itself. This may cause them serious trouble by getting their confidential stuff leaked in unwanted and inappropriate places. 

Therefore, it is important to let them know about the drawbacks of using these apps. The ways you can prevent your kids from getting a fake calculator app Android are given below: 

  • You can always talk to your kids and let them know how dangerous these apps can be. 
  • If you catch your kid using these apps you can take immediate action to recover the files and pictures stored there. You can do this yourself, but if you fail to do so you can always take professional help. 
  • Also if you come across ineligible and inappropriate files on your kid's phone you can report it to the authorities. 
  • There are other apps that your kids can use for the same purpose instead of a fake calculator app. So, it’s better if you teach your kids healthy digital habits and monitor their activities. 
  • If your kids are not listening to you, you can use parental control apps to track down their every movement. 


Hacking a Fake Calculator App 

Being concerned with the kids using vault calculator apps some parents are looking up ways to hack them on the internet. Even though there is no specific way to hack these apps, if you forget your password you can recover it with a certain code.  

To recover your pictures, videos, and files hidden in the calculator app you need to go to the fake calculator app first. Then type this code 11223344 and tap on the equal sign. This shall do the work and open your hidden folder. 

Final Verdict on Fake Calculator Apps 

This ultimate guide on spotting fake calculator apps will give you the best tips and tricks to easily figure out if they use one! However, there is no possible way to stop your kids from using these fake calculator apps or having access to inappropriate content altogether. 

No matter how you monitor their activities they will find a way out to find new technologies or devices that will serve their purpose. So, the best way to solve this matter is by talking to your kids about the dangers of using these apps. 

Give them logical explanations with expert opinions and reviews. Talk to them if anything goes wrong and how difficult it is going to be to recover from that. Getting mad or yelling at them, will do no good except turn your children against you more! 

So, let your kids know about the drawbacks and risks of these vault apps. Assure them of their privacy and make them understand the only motive behind monitoring them is to protect them. 




A fake calculator app looks exactly like a normal calculator. You can even do simple calculations on them. But to get to the secret vault where you have your important pictures and files saved you need to provide a password. 

Once you put the password the vault will open. You can have access to all the files that are saved there. 

Some of the fake calculator apps do hide text messages. Kids use this to hide text messages that they don’t want others to see. 

Yes, you can hide a contact number in these vault apps that you don’t want others to see on your contact lists. Kids do this to hide numbers of people they shouldn't have. 

The easiest and simplest way is to check how many calculator apps the device has. Any device has one in-built calculator app and if there is more than one it means one of them is a vault app. 

No, the pictures don’t get deleted even if you uninstall the fake calculator app. If you reinstall it and provide the password you can get access to whatever you have hidden there. 

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