Thicc- a Compliment or an Insult? 

November 1, 2022
illustration of an curvy exotic woman with a curvy waist

According to the slang dictionary, the literal meaning of “thicc” is curvaceous! The term is mostly used to call out people who have voluptuous figures. That is, people of both genders who have full-figured bodies that have big butts, fuller hips, and curvy waists are called thicc.
It can be used both sexually and humorously. But it depends on the time, place, and situation how someone is taking the comment as. Some find being called thicc a compliment and some might find it offensive and take it as an insult.
Someone working hard on their body to look good might take it as a compliment. On the other hand, some might find it inappropriate as they feel they are being objectified!
It depends on person to person, how they take it. To know more about the meaning of thicc go through the article we provided below regarding topics concerning the word “thicc”.

Where Does the Term “Thicc” Come from?

Dating back to the 90s, “thick” was considered black slang that indicated a sexually attractive person. So, thicc woman meaning is a woman who has big butts and a curvy waist. And a thicc man meaning is a man who has a tight butt.
But by early 2000, this black slang was deliberately misspelled as thicc on the internet. And from then it has caused a sensation on the internet! Like the word “fat” is now spelled “phat”.
The word is said to have originated from a hip-hop song named “Every Girl”. In that song, the thicc woman meaning was used to give a shout-out to all the pretty ladies of every size, shape, and figure!

illustration of a woman with a gib butt and a curvy waist

[Thicc Meaning According to Urban Dictionary]

Real Life Examples of the Term “Thicc”

With the internet being a part of everyone's daily life, no one is unfamiliar with the internet sensation causing the term “Thicc”. As we said earlier there are times when people take it as a compliment and sometimes it comes back at the commenter.
Here are a few live examples of the use of the term “Thicc” that caused people trouble. And also a case that people appreciated!

California Aquarium Case

Sometimes you might get backlash for using terms that do not serve your purpose and learn it the hard way. A similar incident happened with a Californian aquarium.
The aquarium posted a picture of its 11-year-old otter on Twitter. They captioned it as a thicc girl. The thicc woman meaning they used was simply to glorify their healthy and fit otter.
But it didn’t go as planned and everyone called out the aquarium for misusing the thicc woman meaning. Some argued it to be a cultural appropriation. On the other hand, some experts were mad at calling the otter thicc insinuated that African American women are animals.
The aquarium had to apologize for misusing the thicc woman meaning. As it turned out “thicc” is one of the most confusing words in the slang dictionary. One must be very careful while associating yourself with this term. You like everyone else will land yourself in serious trouble!
Even though the thicc woman meaning was a full-figured gorgeous woman, the meaning changed later on. In the urban dictionary, thicc woman meaning has changed to a woman who has fat in the right places making the woman look gorgeous and sexy!
[The Otter Thicc Tweet]
This otter incident can be the perfect example of using a term without knowing its meaning. That will lead to serious conflict and insult toward African-American women. So, this incident has created a live example of how it is not a strategic move to keep up with the hip meme culture every time.

Business Woman and Singer Rihanna’s Makeup Line

The multimillionaire famous singer and businesswoman Rihanna has also played a vital role in the modification of the term thicc. She pointed out that she is getting increased popularity due to her thicker body.
By this statement, she wanted to state that a woman’s physical appearance is prioritized over her hard work and dedication in society. It also gets pointed out as men are more concerned about the thicc woman meaning than women themselves.
Men are considered to be the major contributors to the constricting conversation of the acceptable version of thicc and fat. Men like to decide if a woman is thicc or she’s just fat based on the amount of fat in the right places.
They label women who have fat on their butts and hips as thicc and the ones having fat on their faces and belly are just fat. This is an outrageous way of body-shaming someone. And it is totally unacceptable.
Even though Rihanna is owning and slaying her thick body she also says this comes with a price. Rihanna being the symbol of celebrating women of all colors, shapes, and sizes released a new lipstick shade named “thicc” in her Fenty beauty collection.
illustration of an curvy exotic woman with a curvy waist

Final Verdict on the Term “Thicc”

As we have seen, using thicc woman meaning can go wrong if misused without having any idea about the origin of the word. Even though it’s not a bad word, you must stay cautious when and where you are using this word.
Even if your intention behind using the term thicc was to glorify women, it might get backlash if someone got offended. So, be careful while using it, otherwise stay prepared to get some harsh comments!


Is thicc a bad or a good word? 

Thicc is not a bad word, as it simply means a full-figured person. But you should be careful where you are using the term. Depending on the situation, the word thicc may sound inappropriate.

Does thicc and thick mean the same thing? 

Thicc and thick mean the same thing. It originated from misspelling the word thick and became an internet sensation overnight.

What do you mean by a thicc boi? 

A thicc boi meaning is associated with a boy or man with larger buttocks.

Are there variations of the term thicc? 

Dummy thicc and extra thicc are also used with the same meaning as thicc.

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