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Can Parents Monitor Snapchat

We are living in a digital era when kids have free access to the online world. At a young age, many children own smartphones and as we all know spend most of their time on social and chatting apps. One of the leading apps, behind Facebook, tiktok and Instagram is Snapchat. In this article we will guide parents on the best apps that help set Snapchat parental control and cover how parents should protect their kids and can monitor Snapchat. Snapchat can be a hostile place for young kids if not monitored right. The platform, like any other online outlet, can be used for cyberbullying, sexual harassment, and verbal abuse, among others.

We are not saying that you should not let your child use Snapchat. Rather, we recommend that parents monitor snapchat usage as well as other social platforms We advise you to smartly use parental control apps or software to make sure you are safeguarding your kids and you make sure you know what they are exposed to. Below we will review the best parental control apps for parents to monitor snapchat.



Bark parental control allows you to track over 24 social networks including Facebook of course and is very affordable at $14 a month. To start your free trial click here.

Norton 360 Deluxe is offering parental controls and Facebook monitoring as well as part of the 5 device protection package for only $39.99. Grab it here

McAfee Total Protection is offering parental controls as well as part of the Family package 10 device protection for only $34.99. Grab it here.

So, Can You Monitor Your Child’s Snapchat?

Yes, you can monitor your child’s Snapchat. Snapchat parental control is available on the Snapchat app which has several built-in features that will allow you to set the necessary restrictions. For instance, you can set your child’s account to private so that it can be seen only by those your kids know. There is also an option to filter content. However, the built-in feature is weak, and kids will often find a way to get out of it. They can easily change the settings.

If you ate looking for the best way how to monitor child's Snapchat, the best thing you can do is download a third-party application. This will allow you to monitor your kid’s Snapchat activities remotely and discreetly. Even if they are away, using parental control software, you can see what they are doing in Snapchat.

What are Some of the Best apps and Software to Monitor Snapchat?

Can Snapchat be monitored? Yes, but you need the right parental control software to do this. If you have no idea what to choose, below are five options that should be on your radar.

Bark: Bark is leading the way with its monitoring of social netowrks. Bark parental control app monitors over 24 platdforms. After you download the app to your childs device on Android, Bark will allow parents monitor Snapchat private messages (text only)

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Spyzie: Chosen by more than three million parents, this is one of the top options for Snapchat monitoring. Plans start at $29.99 for a monthly subscription. From the dashboard, under Social Apps, you will find Snapchat. There is a keylogger feature, which means that you can log-in on your kid’s Snapchat account remotely. It can capture screenshots remotely, which will give you an idea of what your child is doing when he or she is using Snapchat. Aside from Snapchat, it can also monitor other social media accounts, including Instagram and Facebook.

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SpyFone: With the use of SpyFone, you can monitor your child’s phone round-the-clock without them knowing. For Snapchat, you can use it for retrieving phone notifications that are linked to your child’s Snapchat account. You can view the contacts who send a message. You can also monitor any unauthorized communication without the need for rooting the device. You can also use the software for monitoring texts, calls, other social media activities, email, apps, and location. There is a free trial available. To unlock its full features, subscribe to one of their paid plans, the cheapest of which is available at $29.95 per month.

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WebWatcher: Can I monitor my child's Snapchat? Definitely, with the help of this software, similar to the others that are briefly discussed. This is a powerful parental control program. This will help to keep your kids safe from online predators, cyberbullying, and inappropriate behavior, among other dangers of the online world. Whether for Android or iOS, this will be a great tool to spy on your kids. There is also a risk-free trial available. The plans start at $59.95 for three months.

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mSpy: This will provide you with peace of mind since you can access even deleted content. You can recover everything that your kid is sharing on Snapchat, even after the 24-hour window has lapsed. Aside from Snapchat, you can also use it for other social media apps, such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Skype, Line, Telegram, and even Tinder. As for the pricing, their plans start at $26.99, which is affordable considering its exceptional features.

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KidLogger: Kidlogger parental control app has a built-in feature that will allows parents to monitor Snapchat messages, even after they are deleted. Aside from Snapchat, you can also use this for monitoring web history, messages, emails, screenshots, and files. There is also a keystroke logger, which will let you see what your kid types. The basic plan is free, which will allow monitoring of up to five devices. The standard plan, on the other hand, is $29 annually while the professional plan is $89. The free plan has a disk space of 9mb, 100mb for the basic plan, and 500mb for the professional plan.

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Why Should parents use Snapchat parental control?

More than just asking how to monitor my child’s Snapchat, you should also understand why there is a need to do so. Some might think that this is an intrusion of privacy. However, for parents, this is a form of being protective of their children.

Snapchat contents disappear within 24 hours. Kids might see this as freedom, knowing that whatever they upload will be gone sooner. However, there is a way for people to record the content, and it can haunt the user forever. Snapchat can also be a platform for cyberbullying and sexual harassment. Users can upload and view age-inappropriate content. It can also be used for sexting, which is the act of sending and receiving sexually explicit messages, photos, and videos. There is a Discover feature in the app, which is full of explicit content that users can freely access. There is also a feature called Snap Map, which will show your child’s real-time location.

How Do You Start Monitoring Your Children’s Snapchat?

If you want to monitor Snapchat to make sure your kids are not being abused, the first thing you need to do is to install third-party software. You will need to install this on your kid’s device. Depending on what you will choose, rooting or jailbreaking will be necessary. You also need to install the app on your phone, or you can access a web portal.

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