July 30, 2018
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5 Reasons for Having Parental Control System for Your Kids

If you are a parent and still do not use parental control software or apps to monitor and guard your kids, in this article we will give you 5 reasons for having parental control systems in place. The abyss of internet is dark and full of terrors –this common phrase is known to almost every adult as well as kids. However, there is also the bright side of developing social skills, increasing the boundaries of knowledge and keeping you relaxed or entertained in leisure time. So why not utilize this powerful media properly so that both you and your innocent little ones can make the best use of it?

Is your child internet-savvy? Ask yourself, are you not too? Being an adult, you know what is appropriate to watch and what is not but your kids are not that mature to judge by themselves. Moreover, people always tend to have an inclination towards what is forbidden.

Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Parental Control

  1. Adult Content

According to a journal posted by Fox news in 2007, that is more than ten years ago, around 42% kids were reported to watch adult contents or pornographic images online. Obviously the percentage has increased over the years as kids these days are quite advanced. Besides, many kids accidentally stumble upon these contents flashed on various websites even if they don’t want to watch them.

A parental control not only helps you send some particular websites into block-list, but also helps you change the website viewing settings to filter the results according to their age settings. While you try to access any website which is not age-appropriate, a password would be needed which is set up by you only.

Moreover, the “smart search” option also helps strategic filtering of educational contents like drug addiction or breast cancer. Such topics are not hidden but any illicit contents regarding those subjects are.

  1. Cyber Bullies And Cyber Predators

While classroom bullying was common in your generation, kids of this generation are victims of cyber bullying. Kids having their own social media accounts are more prone to being bullied by not only their acquaintances but also people outside their boundary. Besides, watching or hearing something related to bullying although indirectly, but affects them the same.

With parental controls on both pc and mobile android applications (as kids tend to be introvert in expressing such problems), you can keep a track of any such incidents before it gets out of your control and instigates your kid to attempt something fatal.

Cyber predators are other obnoxious weeds trying to entangle your kids into explicit conversations regarding sexuality, drug addiction, illegal gambling, extortion and even terrorism. As the tender minds of kids and teens are easily influenced, so you should install parental control programs that can monitor the conversation with any person and notify you when the conversation is dangerous.

  1. Too Much Time Spent On Internet

With an array of videos, movies, tv shows, cartoons and images, your children would naturally spend more and more time being glued to PC, Laptop or Mobile than with physical surroundings. Too much addiction means inattentiveness, lack of physical activity and so on.

As you cannot always be there to prevent them, so it is better to set a time limit for browsing or limiting screen time with parental control. While on PC or laptop, you can do so without any parental control software, regarding that the operating systems like Windows Vista and newer versions and Mac have their in-built parental control system.

Besides, you can always keep track of their activity online from browsing history, the software they are using etc. and control the usage accordingly.

  1. In-App Purchases

Kids in this tech-era hardly need time to learn operating any software or downloading files and in many cases you feel proud seeing them downloading something all by themselves. Have you ever considered this “excellence” might prompt them to download a game file from the app store on your mobile or worse, from a malicious website?

With a parental control on specific spam websites and on your phone app store, your kids will no longer have access to such alluring yet harmful websites showing “Congrats! you have won an iPhone” or “Download xyz game file now!” etc. Use password protection for app stores to prevent downloading any file without your permission.

  1. Negative Cyber Reputation

Yes, kids and teens use social media platforms like facebook, twitter, snapchat, instagram etc. and just like you do, they also post, share, like or comment on various posts. Enlighten your kids about what cyber reputation is and how they can maintain it by deterring from posting inappropriate contents. The task doesn’t end there as you cannot bind their activity; but you can always keep track of their activity online, check their privacy and security settings.

Even if your kids do not have their own account, prevent them from using your profile to post something unacceptable that can ruin your reputation. Thanks to parental controls for both mobile and computer, you can bar their access to your profile with a password.

A good parenting comes with the responsibility of teaching your kids about both the bright and dark sides of technical gadgets and internet. Stay ahead with putting parental controls that will help you keeping a track of their activities while letting you stop them from doing something reckless.