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Esther Bailey

Dec, 2022

Since the introduction of the iconic iPhone in 2007, it became a revolution in the smartphone market. According to Statista over 100M iPhones are sold every year in the past 5 years. The more new iPhone models come out every year the more kids get their parents old versions. One of the greatest inventions of the iPhone was the app store that features an insane amount of apps. besides the games that are the most popular there is an app for anything you can think of. While it brings a lot of benefits to its young users, it also has dangers as it allows children to access age-inappropriate apps, including those that can be a platform for syberbullying, sexual abuse, and identity theft. Parents must learn how to block apps on iPhone to make sure thier kids are not exposed to dangers and explicit adult content. Luckily there are built-in settings to block apps on iphone but If you want more security, control and visibility to the apps that your kids use, you can also opt for parental control apps for iPhone that help parents block content, apps and many other parental control features.. Keep on reading and we’ll talk about some of the best things that you can do.

So, How Do You Block Apps on iPhone?

To block apps on iPhone, you can do so with the native features of the phone. The easiest way to do this is to utilize the Restrictions mode which is not just for unblocking apps, but it is also for
restricting other things on your iPhone like content and purchases. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how you can block apps using the Restrictions feature of your iPhone.

  1. Unlock the iPhone, then go to Settings, General, and choose Restrictions.
  2. Tap Enable Restrictions to turn on this feature.
  3. You will then be asked to enter a passcode, which is what will be used to restrict access to certain apps.
  4. Next, choose the specific apps where you would like the restrictions to be placed. Once enabled, these apps cannot be opened.

What are the leading parental control apps that Block Content on iPhone?

While the built-in iPhone features will provide a quick way of restricting apps, it may not be enough. It will be easy to bypass, especially if kids know the password. If you are looking for feature-packed alternatives, below us a quick list of some of the most promising third-party parental control apps for iPhone. Many of these can also be used to block calls and monitor screentime, on iPhone, track location, and even monitor photos and videos.

Blocking websites on your phone – How Do I Block Inappropriate Sites On My Phone

Qustodio The easiest way to supervise your kids online – this is what Qustodio claims. True enough, they provide a powerful monitoring tool. Among others, it can restrict access to apps and block sites on iPhone. It has smart filters, which are powerful enough to block inappropriate content, even if your child is using a private browser. As a part of putting restrictions, you can also set time limits on the use of specific apps. To use this app, make sure that the iPhone has at least iOS 11. For the pricing, you can enjoy Qustodio for as low as $49.46 per year for up to five devices.

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Bark With over 5.2 million children protected all over the world, Bark is another great third-party app for blocking certain apps and websites on iPhone. They are offering a one-week free trial,
which is a great opportunity to try out its amazing features. After the free trial, you can choose from two plans – Bark ($99 annually, $14 monthly) or Bark Jr. ($49 annually, $5 monthly). It can
monitor and block more than 30 apps, including the most popular social media and instant messaging platforms.

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MSpy –Like the other apps mentioned above, MSpy has powerful features that will let you block apps on iPhone. You can even see the date and time specific apps have been downloaded. Plus, you
can monitor what is happening in these apps, especially social media. However, take note that this functionality is exclusive to those who signed up for a premium subscription. While there is a free trial available for seven days, after this, you can sign-up on one of their paid plans. The premium subscription is $199.99 per year. This is quite expensive, but it has comprehensive features, which will make it worth every dollar.

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Norton –The name itself is already a compelling reason to choose this for app restrictions on iPhone. It is from a popular cybersecurity company, so you can have peace of mind regarding its
effectiveness. If you sign-up now, you can enjoy up to six months of free access. You can block unsuitable content while also setting time limits on the use of certain apps. This is a great way
to instill healthy online habits at a young age while also being a responsible parent.

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How to Block Certain Websites on iPhone?

The built-in features on iPhone are not only for blocking apps, but you can also use them for blocking websites on Safari. Here’s a quick guide on how to block websites on iPhone.

1. Unlock the iPhone Home Screen go to Settings and choose Screen Time.
2. Choose Content & Privacy Restrictions.
3. Enter a passcode. This is a four-digit number combination. This will prevent users from bypassing the restrictions that are in place.
4. Click the Content & Privacy Restrictions toggle switch.
5. Choose Content Restrictions.
6. Tap Web Content.
7. Select Limit Adult Websites.
8. If preferred, there is also an option to customize the list of the specific website URLs that will be allowed and not allowed.

iPads have the iOS operating system just like the iPhone, this means you can folllow the same steps to configure your kids iPad with resrticted access to apps and content. Read our Best Parental Control App for iPad guide to find more apps that can help you protect your kids.

Phones –Can you put parental controls on a phone

What About Android Side?

If you are an Android user, no need to worry, In the same way that you can temporarily block apps on iPhone, you can do so on Android devices. The steps above are pretty similar just go to settings tap the parental control section and follow the instructions to create a pin number. Once you are done you can set content restriction for apps and chose the appropriate age. You can follow our guide How to put parental control on Android? to learn more. If you wish to go further in protecting your kids online, you can use the apps mentioned above or review our


At this point, we hope that you have learned a thing or two on how to block apps on iPhone. As mentioned above, it is pretty much a quick process. While you can rely on the built-in iPhone
features, you can also take advantage of third-party apps. The latter is a better option if you want to have more control. Not to mention, they can go beyond blocking apps and websites, making those apps must-haves in promoting a more responsible online behavior.

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Parental control software is an app that is downloaded to a master phone (usually a parent’s phone), with other apps either secretly (or not so secretly) downloaded to the target (usually, your children’s) phones. The apps then track, monitor and even secretly screenshot or record the target phone’s, with a variety of features to ensure you're kept in the loop of what your children might be doing with their devices.

Because there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and you get what you pay for. To our knowledge, any parental control software that has a free plan either isn't worth the time, or will be so severely limited in what it can do that it becomes useless as a parental control tool.

It depends on the specific parental control software you use, but otherwise, yes. Most devices and operating systems are supported, including our remember parental control software for you, above.

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