How to set Xbox parental controls?

September 1, 2022
xbox parental controls

Xbox is one of the most popular gaming and entertaining systems in the world today. Kids spend hours playing various games, some can be vary violent and some might need collaboration with others. Since it is connected to the internet it becomes more than just a gaming console, aside from playing games, you can also use it to chat with strangers, watch TV, make video calls, and browse online content, among others. This is why it is crucial to consider this device as any other web connected device that parents must have an eye on and make sure they set up Xbox parental controls to keep their kids safer.

While video games provide imaginative and immersive experiences to kids, they can also have dangers. For instance, many games may have violent and age-inappropriate themes. With this, you will benefit from using parental control for Xbox. Thinking of how to use parental control for Xbox One? Keep on reading and learn more, We’ll give you a quick walk-through on how you can have peace of mind while your kids enjoy Xbox.

So, What Kind of Parental Controls Can You Place on Xbox?

Looking for reasons to use parental control app for Xbox? It can be beneficial in more ways than one, especially considering that you are not always next to your kids to monitor their Xbox activities. Among others, you can use it to restrict their access to games available on the platform. By setting the right parameters, they won’t be able to play games with age-inappropriate content, such as those related to drugs and violence. The same thing is true in terms of the video contents that they can access using Xbox.

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With parental control for Xbox Live, you can also prevent kids from making unauthorized purchases. Whether it is an item they will use in a game or a new game, the right software will prevent kids from purchasing. Xbox can also be used for chats. With a parental control app for Xbox One, you can restrict the chat feature. This means that you can prevent kids from talking to strangers they meet online.



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How Do You Place these Parental Controls on Xbox?

There is a built-in parental control for Xbox, providing you with several options on how to restrict its use. Below, we’ll talk about some of the things that you can do.

Set a Time Limit

One of the best things about parental controls on Xbox is that you can control the time kids can use the console. To do this, follow these steps.

  1. Sign-in to your Microsoft account.
  2. Go to your family page and look for the name of your kid. If your kid’s name is unavailable, choose “Add a Family Member.”
  3. Select “Screen Time.” From here, you can now set a time limit. This can apply to both the use of the computer and Xbox. Otherwise, you can scroll down and there will be an option to set separate time limits.

Turn off Chat

Kids can meet people they do not know when they are playing games. They can end up chatting with strangers. If you do not want this to happen, then you have the option to disable the chat feature.

  1. Sign-in to your Xbox.
  2. Go to System, Setting, and then Account.
  3. Choose Family Setting and click Manage Family Members.
  4. Choose the profile of the family member who you would want to block from using chat.
  5. Select Privacy and Online Safety, Xbox Live Privacy, View Details and Customize, and Communication & Multiplayer.
  6. Tick the option that says You Can Play with Other People Outside of Xbox Live and block. Alternatively, if it is only the chat feature that you would like to disable, choose You can Communicate Outside Xbox Live with Voice and Text to disable the chat feature.

Can You Use External Apps for Placing Parental Controls on Xbox?

Are you looking for the best parental control options for Xbox One? Below are some of the best external apps that you might want to consider. While Xbox has built-in features for parental control, if you want to have better peace of mind, consider the apps that are mentioned below.

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Why Should You Consider Placing Parental Controls on Xbox?

With parental control for Xbox, you can have better control of how your kids are using the console. This is a great way to manage their screen time, making sure that they do not spend most of their day using Xbox. This will also prevent them from talking to people they do not know and from making unauthorized purchases. You can also control the websites that they can access, keeping them away from those with themes related to violence and pornography, among others that are age-inappropriate.


The best parental control for Xbox One can be a lifesaver for most parents, providing you with peace of mind. While Xbox has a built-in feature that will allow you to set the desired restrictions, if you want better control of your kids’ online behavior, you might also want to consider third-party apps, but make sure they support the Xbox device. You can also find more information on the Microsoft website.

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