How To Set Parental Controls On Netflix?


Be it a kid-friendly animated series or an over-the-top murder thriller; there are extensive choices of Netflix shows for all age groups. While keeping your kids engaged with Netflix cartoons are quite common, you never know when those tender finders will mistakenly find something which is obscene or brutal this is why setting up parental controls on Netflix is very important.

Netflix service providers have come up with the pin-operated parental control to keep those shows off the limits of the kids which are not suitable for them. Not only that Netflix allows to set up parental controls on the account level but it also allows you to chose general maturity level for content to make sure each child watches the relevant rated content for them. More over specific shows and specific profiles can be controlled by parents. Read our how to guide below to make sure you put the right content in front of your child.

How to guide for parents to help protect their kids on Netflix

Account and Profile Settings

You can either set up a 4-digit pin for playing any show above the chosen maturity level or a 4-digit pin for specific shows. You can also choose a maturity level for a profile dedicated to your kids so that only the suitable contents according to their age-specific maturity level is shown to them.

Parental controls on Netflix for shows above maturity level

  1. Open from web browser
  2. Go to Account
  3. Select Your Account how to put parental control on netflix step 1
  4. Go to Parental Controls link
  5. Enter password
  6. Choose ContinueHow To Set Parental Controls On Netflix step 2How To Set Parental Controls On Netflix step 3
  7. Enter 4 numbers (no letters)
  8. You will get 4 options of protection level – Little Kids (all), Older Kids (age group 7+, 13+ in some), Teens (age group 13+) and Adults (16+ and 18+)
  9. Choose your desired maturity level
  10. Click on Save

How To Set Parental Controls On Netflix step 4

Parental controls on Netflix for Specific Shows

The procedure is same up to setting up or entering the pin. That is –

  1. Open from web browser
  2. Go to Account
  3. Select Your Account
  4. Go to Parental Controls link
  5. Enter password
  6. Choose Continue
  7. Enter your 4-digit pin.

The following window will open. Enter the details and click on Save.

How To Set Parental Controls On NetFlix step 5



Here you can select the protection level (as discussed earlier) and type the name of the shows which you want to be inaccessible to your kids. It is helpful when you want to keep your kids away from some specific shows or don’t want them to watch certain shows without permission.

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Parental controls on Netflix For Specific Profile

While setting up pins for your profile can safeguard the kids from watching unsuitable contents, creating a profile according to their maturity level can reduce your tension altogether as here you can select the shows which they like and put on a maturity level so that no unsuitable content shows up. Here is how to customize your kid’s profile –

  1. Open
  2. The window will show the profiles under headline “Who’s Watching”
  3. Go to Manage ProfilesHow To Set Parental Controls On Netflix step 6
  4. Select your kid’s profile
  5. Go to Allowed TV Shows and Movies
  6. Select Maturity Level:

For Little Kids only (all), Older Kids and below, Teens and below and All maturity level (not suitable for kids)

  1. Click on Save.

How To Set Parental Controls On Netflix step 7

As it is not possible to keep track all the time at what your kids are watching on Netflix, you should regularly track your kids’ viewing activity from their profile to ensure that they are not sneaking onto mature contents.

If you followed all the steps above you  should now have parental control on Netflix and should be worry less now with the kind of video content your kids are consuming or have access to on Netflix.

Another huge platform where kids get exposed to rated content is Facebook. Learn how to set up parental control on Facebook in the next guide.


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